Formspring Friday!

 It's time for Formspring Friday again! I wasn't planning on sharing this week because I haven't gotten any new questions in a while, but then I got two this morning, and they're my FIRST EVER rude questions! Is it weird I'm a little proud?! I've been waiting for it to happen. Anyway, here we go!

 You seem like you just want to be Kaelah, you're always creeping around her blog and being up her ass. It's sad. Your blog has got BORING. You only bother with big bloggers so you can get yourself noticed.

This is exciting, my first rude FS question!

Kaelah and I have developed a friendship through our blogs. I'm the first one to admit I get a lot of inspiration from her, as do a lot of her readers. I don't "want to be her", I am happy in my own skin, but her blog has helped me find some extra confidence in myself that I personally really like. I think she's a wonderful girl and I would be flattered if someone compared me to her (in a nice way). Since you've done it rudely, we'll address it. I'm not "creeping around her blog", I leave her comments when I feel like I have something to say, which is exactly what every other person who reads a blog does. If you think my blog has gotten boring, then feel free to stop reading it. I hope you know that I don't blog for you (or anyone like you). I blog for myself, and the people I've met through it are just a bonus. And as far as "bothering with other bloggers to get noticed", yes I do that. It's called promotion. I've had ad spaces on bigger blogs to promote traffic to my site, just the same as the hundreds of other smaller bloggers who've done it too.

There's nothing wrong with being inspired by someone, there's nothing wrong with promoting my blog, and there's definitely nothing wrong with me writing what I want to write, regardless if some rude anon throws a hissy fit over it.

 What happened to the giveaway you were supposedly going to have if you got 100 followers? Shouldn't make promises if you can't keep them should you really

I've explained a few times that the giveaway is still happening, I'm just taking my time to gather gifts that I'm excited about. I'd rather have awesome, quality things in the giveaway and piss off a few people because it's taking so long than throw together some random crap just to get it over with. I care about my readers, and I want to give away stuff that I feel suits them and is a reflection of me.

And PS: I really hope you don't win. But even if you do, I bet you'll think the gifts are awesome and were worth the wait.

 What do you do for a living?

Ugh, I hate this question. I work for my dad, he owns an ice cream store. It was an easy (and immediate) thing for me to walk into right after Chris and I moved up here, plus he's paying me pretty well. I'm going to start looking around for better jobs soon, but I haven't narrowed down what I want to do yet.

 I just saw the post of your house. Did you buy it or are you renting for now?

We're renting. We probably won't be able to buy a house for four or five years.

Are you still in college? What is or was your major?

I am done with college (for now). I finished classes in December 2008, but I didn't officially graduate until December 2009. I was a History major. I started out as an Art Education major, then switched to History Ed, and then gave up on the education program and did plain ol' History.

 What is one item from your wardrobe that you could not live without?

Gosh this is tough! I honestly can't pin one thing down, I'm kind of in an 'I hate all my clothes' moment lately... Does jewelry count? I could never live without my Tiffany's bean necklace that my sister Lauren gave me for my high school graduation. I wear it every day!

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  1. Wow, I hate how rude people can be over the internet. Especially people who don't even want to let you know who they are.

    Like really? If you're going to *try* and talk trash at least own up and don't post anonymously!


  2. I can't believe people are so horrible. Why do they waste their time and energy? I love your blog :o) x

  3. I've never understood people who feel the need to be so rude. There's no need for it! Plus, your blog is adorable!

  4. this seriously makes me laugh and i feel the need to assure the ridiculous anon that you are in no way shape or form trying to "~be me". you are the adorable susannah and thats what i love about ya! please, "creep" my blog all you want, ladyfriend! i like it ;)

    you handled that with absolute tact and grace! welcome to the bloggers club! :D

  5. Oh, man, I'm sorry you got those rude questions - but I was amused by your answers, so thanks for sharing! Seriously, if people are bored by your blog and feel the need to spread bad energy - let them go elsewhere. I think you're doin' alright!


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