minty fresh + HomeEc update

Remember that outfit I bought on super clearance at Target? Well, it's pretty much the cutest thing ever. I love the dress because it's a little bit longer than most of my others, so I don't have to worry about my booty showing!

Dress: Target ($13)
Cardigan: Target ($10)
Flats: Target ($12)

I still can't believe the dress and the sweater are both extra smalls! I haven't worn anything with that label in... maybe forever? Just goes to show how different sizing is depending on the company. Both these pieces were made by Merona, which (in my opinion) is targeted for women in their late 20s-40s. I usually don't like their pieces because they're a little formal for me, but these two are perfect!

(I really like this picture, but I had to crop out some MAJOR boobie action. Oh well!)

Since I had the day off today, I made a trip to Hobby Lobby for some crafty goods. I bought a bunch of clearance yarn (for my Etsy fall line!), some fabric, and the notions I needed to make the latest HomeEc project that sparked my interest! I've never successfully installed a zipper. Once I tried to put one into a handknit sweater, but it was just bad news. This time, though, things turned out pretty well!

I used fabric scraps that my mom sent me.
They both look vintage, but I'm not sure about that.

I'm really proud of myself with this one! It took some figuring out on my part, some of the instructions weren't as clear (to me) as they could have been, so I had to logically work through it. Normally I would have tried following the directions even if it didn't seem right, and then would have gotten mad when it didn't work.

I'm going to keep it in my craft box that I have next to the couch to keep all my crochet hooks and knitting needles in. Most nights you can find me crafting on the couch until the wee hours of the morning, but the second I set my hook or needle down it's gone. Well now those babies are staying put because they're going straight into their case!

Something else awesome happened today: Chris got a job! If you've been reading for a while, you know that he's had a really hard time finding employment since we moved home. He's asked me not to share where he'll be working, but I can tell you that while it isn't exactly perfect, it'll definitely help our situation, which means, overall, a more happy Susannah!

It looks like it's going to storm soon, which doesn't jive well with our grilling-out dinner plans. So we better hurry up!


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  1. That cardigan is really cute and so is the little pouch you made! :)

  2. Your outfit is adorable! I love the cardigan and the dress. And what a great deal on both!

    Also, your zippered pouch looks great! It's super cute and you did an amazing job. Zippers aren't that bad once you figure them out. I was petrified of them, then I installed one that was that. No more fear. hehe

    Thera Joyce

  3. I love the color of your dress! The pouch is really look cute and it does have a vintage feel.

    P.s. Congrats to Chris getting a job =)

  4. Dress looks great on you and I love the colour! X

  5. that dress is super cute. i think i need to make a trip to target. i hope i am as lucky!

  6. You always have the cutest clothes! I really like that third picture of you, your smile seems so genuine. You look really happy!


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