Music Monday- Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

I know a lot of bloggers do a music feature on Mondays, and I guess I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I've seen two awesome things today that have inspired me to do my own Music Monday post: #1- Danielle posted about one of my all time favorite bands, Lucero, in her Music Monday post. #2: I saw this first video on TheDailyWh.at and it made me laugh.

Music is a huge part of my life. Chris is a musician, and has been a music nut for his whole life. We spend a lot of time looking for new music, talking about old stuff, and listening to our faves together. You may or may not have heard of most of the bands I'll feature, and that's what's awesome about it. I get excited when people I know know the music I like because it's an instant bond. Anyway- here goes.

Today I'm sharing a band Chris and I both love, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. We both have some pretty funny stories about this band...

When Chris and I were on our two year "I hate you" break, we went to the same Ted Leo show at the Logan Square Auditorium, unbeknownst to either of us. I was with my sister, brother-in-law, and one of her good friends Tim who had met Chris the year before. They all knew how Chris had broken my heart, so when we ran into him and his best friend when we were trying to squeeze through the exit door, I freaked out a little and Tim got mad! Being the pseudo-big brother he his, he started to chase after him. He didn't get very far, but it was certainly awkward and stirred up a lot of feelings...

Chris's story about Ted Leo has to do with Pitchfork Festival a few years back. During their set, Ted Leo (the frontman) went a little nuts and smashed to microphone into his forehead. He was wearing all white, and the blood started to drip down his shirt. Pretty hardcore, but awesome in it's own right.

"Me and Mia

And just for fun, here's Ted Leo performing for little kids on Pancake Mountain! I love it...

I hope you enjoyed my first Music Monday! Check back for more, I have so much music to share with you!

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  1. I love Ted Leo. So refreshing to see someone write about him. I've been listening to him for almost a decade. Love him!

  2. This is so great! I'd never heard of these guys before...Def going to check out more of their stuff! Thanks! :)

  3. eep! ted leo is the best! i've been obsessing over them lately.

    also, running into exes at concerts is the worst.

  4. Ah I love Ted Leo! I haven't listened to him in years, so thank you for this post!

  5. LOVE, love, love me and mia!


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