On Autumn.

Autumn is on its way in, which seems to have a lot of people really excited. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy fall- the smells and sights are pretty amazing. Pumpkin pie and tights and jackets and leaves and chilly nighttime walks are some of my favorite things. But I usually have a pretty hard time in the fall. I don't know if it's actually Seasonal Affective Disorder, but for the last few years I have had a season-long bout of mild depression that doesn't fall away until springtime.

This is the first year that I've really put two and two together and realized that the depression rolls in in the fall, so in turn it's the first year that I've really been anticipating it. I'm really trying to stay positive and upbeat in spite of it, though. It's not even really depression, but just kind of an overall blah and bummed out mood that's hard to shake.

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I really think that being able to recognize that this happens to me will give me a chance to have a plan of action for when it comes up. Do any of you ever feel like this in the fall or winter? How do you go about dealing with it?

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  1. I do feel this way from time to time, although mine generally doesn't show up until winter officially begins. All that cold weather and early nightfall really really really wears on me.

    The shortening days can be a major bummer, it makes me feel like there is just not enough time in the day to get things done, especially since school starts up at the same time just adding extra chaos to my life! Goodness. :p

    I think recognizing the issue is likely really going to help you because you'll be able to recognize what is happening and take steps to fix the problem.

    I make sure to treat myself extra nice when I need to. I come home from a bad day after trudging through snow and ice and sleet? That means I get a nice hot bath, a good book and some chocolate. I also spend a little extra money on myself. :)

    Try to do things that make you happy and do small things for others. Keep yourself smiling, even when you feel down, the simple act of activating certain muscles in your face when smiling actually releases endorphins in your brain. Crazy huh? My psychology degree does come in useful from time to time, hehe.

  2. seasonal affective disorder. I think everyone has that feeling a little bit, some more than others c:

  3. Wow, I've never heard of that disorder before. I actually love fall and winter. Its my favorite time of the year and I actually tend to get more depressed during summer more than any other time.

    Little Sugar Monster

  4. Those pictures are lovely, I love fall but SAD..not so much!


  5. I feel the exact same way in winter, not so much fall because I love it. But winter with the snow and the freezing temps and the fear of dying on icy roads....yeah, I definitely feel my depression kick into overdrive.

  6. I get that way sometimes in winter, cos it rains so much here in Ireland! But all it takes is one glimpse of the sun to take my out of my funk!

  7. You need to take Vitamin D3 it is the most underated vitamin great for mood (its the sunshine vitamin) bones, tissue protection in the body. The more they research this vitamin the more they learn! Go get yourself a pot its great, I take it and it really really helps:)

  8. i have a hard time with it once winter rolls around.

    i went to a s.a.d. event once where they talked about how you can cope with it. one of the things they said was that it's the lack of sunlight that contributes to the sad feeling. their way of helping that, was they said to be around bright light in the morning. i don't really know all the technicality of it. you can probably read more about it online. :)

    happy first day of autumn!

  9. I get this feeling annually as soon as the leaves all fall off the trees. Right around November I start to feel like nothing in life is good anymore. It goes away when spring hits, but it's hard to remember, in the meantime, what being truly happy feels like. It's enough to make me want to move somewhere tropical without seasons, but instead I have to find something about winter that I love and cling to it dearly until the season's over. This past winter I borrowed a record of The Happiness Project from my roommate and spent a lot of time in the kitchen making Abuelita and Snow Cream. Just focus on the good things and, when you get down, try new things until you find something that brightens the dark days!

  10. I realized I might have SAD about 4 years ago. Mine doesn't hit until January when the temperature really drops and all the excitement of the holidays are over. I really don't start to feel better until April. It sucks, I never want to leave the house and I literally sit in front of our heater until my skin turns red and I'm sweating. It's really crazy. Taking Vitamin D helps and I know its horrible for you but going to the tanning bed helps too.


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