lemons into lemonade.

A few weeks ago when Modcloth was having their Last Hurrah sale, I snagged two cute dresses for $15 each. The first one was a total hit, probably the best buy I've gotten from that site. The second one was a total bummer when I took it out of the package, but I decided to take my lemons and make lemonade and just roll with it.

I ordered this dress in a large, just like every other dress I've ever gotten from Modcloth, but when I got it I knew it wouldn't fit right. It's super short and pretty tight in the bust. The biggest bummer was that the belt loops were both broken when I took it out of the package, and the belt is pretty cheaply made and when it was folded in the package it left permanent creases that are already breaking. I can fix the belt loops (if I ever get around to it), wear leggin

Today was a big day off for me. I had about a million errands to run, and then I came home and cleaned my car (which desperately needed it!!). Chris and I have been wanting to take my little brother (and sister, but she's not into it) to a movie for a while, and today we were able to make it happen! We took Aiden to see Toy Story 3, and little did we know that it was his first time ever in a movie theater! It's such a cool thing to be able to experience my little brother's life as an adult. I remember the day he (and my little sister!) were born, when they crawled and walked, all of it...! After the movie I came home and packaged up some stuff to ship out. I bought new yarn in a prettttty collor today, and I plan on casting on tonight for a new cowl design I've been working on! Maybe I'll have sneak peeks soon!!

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PS: Did you check out the awesome post Ashley wrote up about the hat I made for her?! Love that girl, she's such a sweetheart!!


  1. That sucks you had problems with the dress. It looks cute though lol. Also I love that knit hat you made, its so cute! Ugh I wish I was as talented as you and could focus on project and actually finish it lol.

    Little Sugar Monster

  2. That dress is awesome, why did I not get one! I love it. We still haven't seen Toy Story 3. I think it will be cute.

  3. I bought a few things in the last hurrah sale and I was kind of disappointed. I'd only bought something once before from there and I was disappointed with the quality.

    The dress looks cute though! You cuted it up quite nicely ;)

  4. Man I missed that sale!
    You may said you have problems with the dress but HEY, you pulled it off & accessorized & it looks great, I woulda nvr knew u had a problem with it!
    GO GIRL ♥


  5. I think you look great in that dress! It makes your waist look so tiny! Thanks for mentioning me!!!

  6. Aw you look so cute! I love the dress as well! I bought six dresses from their sale for a grand total price under $100! Best purchase ever. However, not all of them worked! It's so hard shopping online!

  7. I think it looks very cute on you too.

  8. Hi Susannah!

    You look great in this dress :) Thank you so much for ordering from ModCloth! We're so sorry you received your dress less then perfect. I'm so impressed with your "Look on the Brightside" attitude. I apologize and would like to extend an offer to refund your dress! I've emailed you with the details. Hope to hear from you soon :)

    Best Regards,
    Elisa at ModCloth

  9. what an adorable outfit tho! Sucks you had issues with it but it still looks really cute :)


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