A little while ago I won my very first giveaway from Justine at Productrater. Justine's blog is great, she reviews makeup products (drugstore and high end, and anywhere between!) and gives honest reviews. It's awesome because I always buy makeup without knowing if I'll like it, and I end up wasting money most of the time, so she's a great resource to have! I was soooo excited to open my mailbox and find my package today, and I couldn't wait to open it! I got so many goodies, thank you Justine!

I've been spending a lot of time doing watching Pushing Daisies with my feet up...

... working on fall and winter stuff to list in my Etsy shop. I feel so behind, I really should have started months earlier, but of course I put it off until it *actually* felt like fall. So if you've been wondering where I've been, I've been here, on my couch, staring at this...

Hope all is well- love you billions little friends!

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  1. aw, i love pushing daisies. congrats on the awesome giveaway win :)

  2. I love the hats you've added to your etsy! I really want to buy one, but I think it may look silly on me.... Can you make me one in a dark gray? Like not charcoal gray but more like slate? Am I making ANY sense?

  3. Those socks are so cute! And I love pushing daisies :)

  4. Tell me how you like the Falsies mascara. I recently bought it but since the baby I don't think I'll have time to play around with new makeup lol. ;)


  5. Love the yarn!

    I've been working on getting things ready to finally open my Etsy shop (ahhhh, it's a lot of work!) and I've been surrounded with yarn too. Love it.

    I should check out Pushing Daisies! Right now I'm watching House from the beginning. :)


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