Mr. Littlejeans is Weird Wednesday

I've been trying to snap a picture of Jeansy's little nest he's made in our linen closet, but every time I catch him in it he gets up... So instead, here's a video of Jeans kneading on his blankie (on my belly). He literally did this for ten minutes straight. I couldn't get him to stop!

Oh, and guess what?! I'm almost ready to announce my 100 followers giveaway!!! Look for it this weekend!

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  1. such a cute kitty!
    my cat, milo, does this all the time too!!

  2. ohh Mr. Littlejeans! I want to take you home with me!

  3. Awe! Your kitty is so cute! Mine does that all the time! It hurts a lot when she does it to my skin! eeep!

  4. OH my gosh.. my cat loves to do this on my belly while i'm sleeping. Then he just makes his bed on my belly and sleeps for a few hours.


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