Why I Love Target.

We all know that I'm obsessed with Target. I love their clothes so so much, but the best part is when I can snag something adorable on clearance. I haven't had the best luck lately, but a few days ago I hit the jackpot!

I'd been eyeing this dress for a while. It was originally $22, which is wayyy out of my budget (sad, right?). I wasn't even going to look at the clothes when we went grocery shopping the other day because we have lots of big things in the next month that we need to save for, but Chris got a phone call so I ended up walking around while he talked, and look what I found!

Dress: Target ($11 on sale)
Cardigan: Target ($5 on sale)
Flats: Target ($12)
Sunnies: F21 ($5)

I'm so in love. I've been wanting to get more feminine dresses, with frills and ruffles and floral prints, but I don't really do pastels or pinks very much. This is a great option for me because I can stick with my dark color scheme (which I love) but still feel flirty and feminine with a big splash of cotton candy pink. And for $15 for everything? Totally awesome.

Chris and I were up early to help my dad out by watching my little brother and walking him to kindergarten. There was lots of discussion about sea creatures (apparently last week when Chris watched him they came up with a new super sea creature: an electric crabsharktomapus. Yeah.), and Aiden wanted to find a fish or shark game on my iPhone. We found one called TapFish which I guess is just an aquarium thing. Not a lot of fun for a 5 year old, but it occupied him for a few minutes...

After walking Aiden to school Chris and I headed out for lunch at our favorite sushi place. Chris lucked out because everything he loves was way cheap (for the lunch special), so we stuffed ourselves and didn't spend too much money. We drove home and mailed off some packages, and now were home and ready for a nap! I feel like I haven't had a truly restful day in so long. I can't wait to have a whole day where I can stay in my pj's if I want, drink lots of coffee, and knit in front of the tv for as long as I want!

Hopefully I'll be back later tonight with a Music Monday post, I think it's time to show you someone new(er) who I've been obsessed with!

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  1. love, love, love your outfit! and wow- this post makes me want to go shopping at target asap!!!

  2. i love love love this dress, I wanted to get it too!

    You look amazing in it!

    I actually sent you the link to this a looong time ago. Zach didn't like the print though, and while I don't normally care what he thinks, I was on the fence about getting it anyway!

  3. That dress and cardigan are way cute! I need to go shopping, I currently don't own a single dress! Sad, I know.

  4. You're so adorable! I LOVE the whole outfit :)

  5. Wow I love that dress! And only for $11?!

  6. I totally know what you mean about $22 being out of one's budget (I'm currently in the same position! lol)! I love me some Target, and since the only one nearby is 30 minutes away (gasp!) I always have to drop in when I can! lol
    Great finds! :D

  7. This is so gorgeous! It looks fab on you! :)

  8. Hi there!!
    I noticed you trade handmade!
    I looove your Zooey bows! Alot!
    Take a look at my shop & my blog posts & let me know if you would maybe be interested in a trade? :)
    Hope to chat with you soon!
    xo, Jamie

  9. do you have a closer pic of the tattoo on your wrist? I've love to see it.

  10. the print on that dress is absolutely gorgeous (: & it looks so good on your figure. jealous.


  11. New reader here ... hello! I wanted to comment that I picked up a similar version of that dress—in black with yellow, purple and red flowers—on clearance the other day, too. They are really very comfortable, and totally cute with cardigans!



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  13. P.S.-Thank you for having that "I pledge to read the printed word" button in your sidebar! I just added one to my blog as well.

  14. I'm a big fan of target as well and it's funny cause I just bought the same dress a couple weeks ago! I am so in love with it and it looks super cute on you!

  15. I LOVE Target and also just purchased that dress on clearance! It's so cute! I just awarded you the Sunshine Award since you're one of my favorite blogs! xo!


  16. I wish we had Target in Canada SO badly! Haha. Every time I go I buy so many dresses, and usually some shoes! Oh and food! I love the Archer Farms brand, haha. AMAZING salsa!

  17. Ah you are so cute! I love that dress with that cardi. Am your newest follower. x

  18. Love this dress. I was going to get one for myself but the only one they had in my size was sewn unevenly. o.o It made one of the girls look much bigger than the other. Oh dear.

    The dress looks fantastic on you!

  19. CUTE! and no its not sad that that dress was out of your budget it's outta mine too these days lol gotta love target though!


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