Goodwill doesn't disappoint!

Chris and I were running errands on Thursday and randomly decided to stop at the Goodwill. I wasn't expecting to find anything really, we've actually been donating to the Goodwill for the last few weeks, so we don't need any more stuff! Of course, though, I found some awesome stuff that I really couldn't pass up.

I bought a white braided belt (that I didn't photograph) for $0.99 and this little kitty print (which Chris HATES!!!!) that's found a home propped up on my spool holder. Only $1.99!

The real treasure of this thrifting trip is this amazing chair.

It's not my usual style, so I tweeted about it asking what people thought. Everyone who responded said go for it, and that I can reupholster it if I want (the beautiful ladies who responded seem to have overestimated my crafty abilities, reupholstering sounds about as fun as getting teeth pulled!). It definitely has grown on me, the olive color is one of my favorite shades ever! The best part? Only $4.99. Yup, five bucks for this lil' (big) beauty. It's pretty over the top and the tall scrolled back is ridiculous, but I love her! So does Jeans, he's been sleeping under it since we brought it home...!

What's your favorite thrifted find??

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  1. so glad you snagged the chair! i can't imagine what would be entailed with reupholstering that but i bet it could be a fun lesson in learning! :D

  2. Goodwill is the BEST for kitty prints! That chair is awesome - looks like one of ours but in much better shape. I keep pretending that I'm going to reupholster ours, but let's be honest...it hasn't happened yet and I don't even know where to start!

  3. That chair!Love it!
    Adorable kitty print.I sure could use one of those spool holder thingys.
    Best thrifting("opshopping" in NZ)find? O dear, too many to mention!

  4. That chair really is a treasure! I love when I find great things at Goodwill & ValuVillage. AWESOMEEEE


  5. That chair is great!! Good choice and decision!! And the kitty pic is super cute!

  6. Very good find! It's adorable. My favorite thrifty find would have to be...anything from my local thrift boutique, Rumors. I can't pick a favorite!

  7. That print of the kitten is cute IMO lol. I can't believe you got that chair for basically $5 though! I can so see reupholstering it. :)

    Little Sugar Monster


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