Decluttering and modernizing.

I mentioned in my last post that I helped my sister pack up her condo last weekend because she's moving to Virginia for the better part of the next year. When I was there, I really got inspired to make some changes around my home. My sister Lauren and her husband Kyle are very neat and orderly, and they both have a great eye for design and style. Chris and I always marvel at how amazing their place looks whenever we're there, but I think this last time I visited really inspired me more than normal because I was helping them go through and pack up their stuff. It made me realize how much Chris and I actually have, wayyyy to much! So I came home and instantly started putting together boxes to donate. We got rid of two partial sets of dishes, throw blankets we don't use, some books we got at a garage sale this summer, and a few odds and ends decorations. It felt so good to get rid of even that little bit of stuff!

Chris and I definitely won't be able to live in a minimalistic house or anything, our collective hobbies require way too much stuff and space for that, but we want to pare down what we do have. We decided that instead of having three catch-all bowls (for change and keys and random stuff) that we bought just because they're cheap, we're going to find one that we really like, which may be a little more expensive than we'd normally pay for, but then we'll have a nice piece that will last instead of multiple crappy pieces. We hope to be able to replace one thing or set of things per paycheck, and over time we'll have a few really nice things instead of dozens of crappy things!

I also got inspired when I was at my sister's to liven up and really form a cohesive look for some of our main rooms by making throw pillows! I made one set in a black and white print that I don't think we'll end up using in the living room, but I made two with this modern gold flower print today and I'm absolutely in love with them!

I love this color scheme, and I think it'll be easy to use throughout the living room. I'm getting really excited about everything I'm planning on doing!

Chris and I definitely have an eclectic sense of design. We like to mix vintage stuff with modern pieces, and we do really love the "lived in" look, but I don't think that means we need piles of random stuff everywhere. What's your sense of style like? Do you stick to a theme in your home? Do you have any tips or tricks for home decor that you'd like to share with me??

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  1. Sadly my design theme is nonexistent, plus we live in a rental. No painting. Nothing we own matches and it's all hand me down from one of our families. We always said when we move, we will buy new furniture.

  2. Ooh I really want to make some pillow slip covers for our throw pillows that came with our couch. Unfortunately my husband and I sometimes clash on our design aesthetics, i prefer more of a whimsical and lived in look and he prefers and clean, minimalist modern look. I just have to bring him over to my side :)


  3. You should definitely consider watching HGTV! I seriously watch it all day and it inspires me so much. I think you'll find some nice tips. :)

    Little Sugar Monster

  4. first, your pillow is to die for. i love love love that color scheme. and secondly, your blog is def one of my daily reads, you are adorable!

    ps i want one of you headbands...do you make it in turquoise or a shade of?

    lots of love, lindsey

  5. wow you've inspired me to make my own pillows, and yours looks great

  6. Very cute pillow! I'm a minimalistic person, and I love things like shelves and baskets to organize things. My only theme, I could say, is light colors. I love natural light, and lighter colors bring it out well.

  7. I love all your pretty creations in your etsy shop! My favorite is the lady mitts, can I have them in every color? :)

  8. I think I'm pretty eclectic in style, definitely a mix of vintage and modern though!

    Also, I have awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award, have fun with it. :)


  9. love your blog, love handmade stuff!! cool cool cool!

  10. Your throw pillow is so cute! I keep saying that we need pretty throw pillows, I can't believe I didn't think to make my own!!!


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