What I Wore Today!

I did it! I bought new boots! I got #4, so many of you recommended them and they're such a reasonable price I just had to try them out, and I fell in love! They are seriously the most comfortable boots I've ever worn, and they're well made too!

I've gotten more and more into mixing neutrals. I used to just do one color and one neutral, and never two neutrals together, but in this outfit I'm wearing THREE! Cream cardigan and knee highs, brown tights and belt, and gray boots. I love love love this dress, even though it has cap sleeves which are one of my least favorite things ever. I got it from Modcloth, and it's one of my favorites! The color is great, and it came with a sash that ties in a cute bow (but I like to switch it up with belts every once in a while!).

Dress: Modcloth ($50)
Belt: Modcloth (part of a different dress)
Cardigan: Target ($20)
Tights: Walmart ($5)
Knee Highs: Target ($2)
Boots: Target ($40)

(This is such an awkward photo! The flash was on, and I was walking towards Chris to turn it off for him. Of course he kept snapping away!)

I'm off today, but Chris is working, so I have lots of plans to hang out on the couch and knit new Etsy stuff, maybe do some laundry... Laziness! It's the perfect day for it, too, gray and drizzly. I bought a new box of hair dye (just the same old thing), but now I'm reconsidering it. I've been wanting to change my color, and I'd have to get it done professionally since I want to go lighter and I *do not* trust myself with bleaching my hair! So I'm thinking it might be best to put off dyeing my hair and let it fade and grow out, and then maybe around Christmas I can get it lightened! Ahh, decisions decisions!

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  1. You look cute as a button! Love this outfit! And your new boots. You look great! :)

  2. i love the colors in your outfit. those boots look amazing, great choice!

  3. loveeee that yellow! and those boots! i wish i could pull off boots >.< haha

  4. Love, love, love it!! Super cute outfit and great boots! They look even better when you're wearing them!! yay!

  5. i just found your blog. you are absolutely beautiful.
    the yellow looks wonderful on you and i must now go to target to find those boots. they are so lovely.

  6. i just saw those boots at target today and reaaallly wanted them. I talked myself out of buying them as I have lots of boots, but they are so COOL!

  7. Love the boots!Love the frock-yellow is great on you.All round adorable look,really.

  8. love that dress and the boots look so cute with it!
    you = adorable!

  9. I love the outfit.. the colors!! Yay!

  10. Love the way you put it all together :)


  11. Aww I love your new boots! Target, such a great place lol! :)

    Little Sugar Monster


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