What I Wore Today!

Chris and I planned a little date day at our favorite sushi restaurant. I'll take any excuse to get dressed in a cute dress (and to wear my new boots!!), so we headed out around noon and completely gorged ourselves. The restaurant we were at just *happens* to be five minutes away from Ikea, so of course we had to stop by!

Dress: Modcloth (50)
Cardigan: Costco (gift from Chris's mom)
Tights: DSW Shoes ($8)
Knee High Stockings: nooooo clue
Boots: Target ($40)

I've been hunting for this duvet cover for the last few weeks. It's called "Kajsa Blad", and I'm totally in love with it! Chris and I have a queen size bed, but in order to not fight over the covers we use a king size blanket. So, I wanted to get a king size duvet cover. Even though the Ikea we go to has EIGHTEEN MILLION pieces of this set, they didn't have a single king size. This was the third time I've been back to look for it, and I finally gave up. We bought the queen size, and put it on a down comforter we had in the closet. Now, we'll be adults and actually make the bed in the morning so you can see the pretty duvet cover!

duvet ($15), throw blanket ($8 on clearance), glasses ($7), two pillow inserts ($3 each), spotlight ($3 on clearance), kitchen shears/dish brush/ spatula/ wooden spoons ($1-2 each)

Now we're settling down in front of the TV to catch up on some shows (Dexter, wuuut!!), and do some crafting.
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  1. very very jealous that you have an ikea.
    i think the nearest one to me is 3hr away.. :(
    you look beautiful..i looove that dress!!!
    && your hair is pretty amazing too.. :)

  2. pillow inserts?! what a good idea!
    also i love that dress.

  3. @gee: Bummer you don't have Ikea close by, it's one of my favorite inspiration places! And thanks for the compliments, dearie!

    @Eva: YES! The pillow inserts there are wayyyy cheaper than a craft store. I almost got plain white throw pillows for $4 each to recover, but Chris found the inserts for $3! I only saw 20x20" but still, such a better deal!

  4. Pillow inserts! OH YESSSSS! I was thinking about making some granny square pillows for Christmas presents.

    You're looking super great today! Love those tights


  5. I love IKEA and I love your cute outfit!!

  6. I love those tights, they are the perfect color!

  7. I adore Ikea! And I never thought about getting a king size comforter on a queen size bed. That might be the perfect solution for our midnight blanket wars ;)


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