Humbled (and some Etsy!)

Thank you to everyone who commented or emailed about my last post. I'm glad to hear that so many of you feel the same way sometimes. I definitely agree with what most of you were saying, we're all on our own paths and comparing ourselves to others isn't healthy. Sometimes my expected path and my actual path are incongruous and I get a little bummed, but overall I'm very happy with how my life is going! Thank you for all the love, it was touching that so many of you opened up about your own feelings. I think I need to make time to talk about these kinds of things instead of keeping them to myself or only talking to Chris. It's nice to hear an outsider's perspective. So be prepared for some more 'real life' posts! ♥ ♥ ♥


I've had a handful of winter accessory things laying around that I kept meaning to photograph and list in my Etsy shop, but I kept putting it off for whatever reason. Then yesterday I had this 'DUH' moment. Hello, it's December, which means winter, which means I should REALLY list all the cute winter things I'd like to sell! So I shot some photos this morning in my new favorite nook for Etsy photo taking (aka the corner in front of the window where Chris has his drums so I can sit on his stool!) and I just finished listing them! Can you believe I took 337 photos and had a verrrrry hard time picking 30 of them (five for each item)?? Terrible. I am so not a good photographer, especially self portraits!

This new group of headband/earwarmers is called Bloom. I'm completely in love with wide ribbed earwarmers with a cute and feminine embellishment. I have a lot of trouble during the winter looking feminine, I'll take warmth and comfort over fashion any day, so usually you'll find me bundled up in my huge winter coat with some goofy hat on and my hood up. Now, though, I can wear these guys and look cute AND not wreck my hair completely! Win-win to me!! I hope you like them, and like always, I'm up for custom orders too! Message me on Etsy or email me to see what we can make together!

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  1. These look amazing! I just got knitting needles about a week ago. I haven't really made anything yet because I'm still trying to get the feel for it. I need to go buy some circular needles because everything I want to make requires them lol.

    The Sweetest Life

  2. I like these! Great photos!
    PS. I'm looooving your button earrings! Where did you get them?!

  3. Everything looks gorgeous, especially you!

  4. @Jazmyn: I use circs for everything! I never use straight needles, so even if I'm knitting flat I use circs... Hope it's going well!

    @V: Thanks! These earrings are my brand new plugs from Omerica Organic (http://www.omericaorganic.com/). Love them! I'm going to make a proper post about them soon, I'm so in love!

    @Chrissy: Girl, you always know how to make me blush!! xo

  5. OH MY GAW YOUR PLUGS ARE SEW CUTE! (see what i did there?!)

    i'll have the pictures of the black ones to you this weeeeekend! :D

  6. these little cuties appeared in my "recetly listed" items from my favorite sellers - i snached up the coral one in roughly 2.5 seconds! heehee! can't wait to see it! keep up the great work - i love your shop!

    oh, and i'm the SAME way with my listing photos. generally if i'm photographing 9 new items i take around 200 photos. it's mildly ridiculous. HEH.

    (; happy holidays, cutie-pie!


  7. For someone who says she doesn't take good self photographs, these are amazing. If I could take self portraits that looked as good as this, I would have a ton more stuff in my shop, haha :)

  8. I just want to tell you that i love. loveeee love. love. your blog. =] I found it from your guest post you did for Mandy (which I also loved). I skimmed through all your posts because it's a fun thing to do, and you're awesome and soo pretty. =] I too am obsessed with Target, Ponyo, Dexter, i adoreee your lemon painting you did, and you had a pillow that you made that I was in love with. Ah. Okay. I'm done. Hi! I'm Jamie, and I promise I'm not a psycho stalker. =]


  9. hoh! i love these. too much for my [wallet's] own good.
    i need to learn how to do stuff like that. or make more money. or SOMETHING.
    because i have a problem looking feminine in winter too.

  10. wow, this is too cute, ... this button earring is faboulous
    like it a lot


  11. those are adorable! i need to order myself one!

    xo.anna marie


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