Hi guys! I'm giving Disqus a try, so the commenting section of my blog might be a little goofy for a bit (I'm having some trouble importing old comments). Thanks for your patience!!


Ok, I tried it, and I hated it!! Sorry to Nova and Kayce who left comments through Disqus, they've disappeared now that I removed it from my blog. We're back to regular old Blogger comments now, which works fine, I just wanted to be able to reply to people's comments. Sometimes I get questions in my comments section that I'd love to answer, but I'm never sure if the commenter checks back or has signed up for email replies. If you do have a question, the best option is to email me at susannahbean@gmail.com and I will definitely reply! Thanks for your patience!

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Hey there! Thanks so much for your comment! I read every one I get, and I try to reply as much as I can. You can also email me if you want! susannahbean AT gmail DOT com.

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