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Things have been a little weird this past week, not necessarily in a bad way, but my routine was definitely out of whack and I was totally thrown off because of it. I'm sure you heard about the crazy blizzard that pretty much all of the Midwest experienced in the middle of the week. We were hit pretty darn hard late Tuesday and into Wednesday. The snow is just crazy bananas, our entire back patio set is covered! The weather was intense on Tuesday, crazy winds and just tons and tons of snow falling. Wednesday we woke up early to clear and sunny skies, and the aftermath of the previous night's storm. Clearing out our driveway was just a blast!! Just kidding, it was terrible. Luckily Chris's dad had just gotten a snow blower, and our landlord had one too. We got it cleared, and went in to chill out for a while, only to have to come back out and redo everything because the plows came through! UGH!! It's pretty much cleared now, though the roads in the area are missing lanes and have huge drifts built up on the corners. Here's some photos of our fun day of snow removal...


Because of the blizzard, my work closed early on Tuesday night and stayed closed until Thursday. My usual days off are Mondays and Thursdays, so I had Monday through Thursday off, and I was going stir crazy! All the stores in the area were closed, so all the fun crafty things I've been wanting to do but haven't had time for weren't even options because I couldn't get supplies! Our cable and internet was out, too, so Chris and I played Boggle and Uno for wayyyy too long!

Things finally opened up Thursday, so we ran out to get some groceries and some crafty supplies. We were gone for a few hours, and when we got back we noticed that Jeans had something crazy going on with his eyes.

(see his pupils??)

We were pretty freaked out because it just looks so weird, but we were thoroughly scared when we googled what it could possibly be. Basically, the majority of the websites we looked at said that a difference in pupil size could be a symptom of a whole mess of terrible things, like spinal damage, brain swelling, eye cancer, glaucoma... The list went on and on, and we were scared. We made him a vet appointment the next morning, and after a really great experience with the doctor (apparently he was really well behaved and the vet loved him, and his name!!), we found out it was just a gnarly scratch on the eye with the dilated pupil. That was a huge relief, I was so nervous it was going to be something worse!

While Chris was at the vet with Jeans, I was getting my hair done for the first time in way too long. My wonderful dad had gotten me a gift certificate for my favorite salon in my hometown for my Christmas gift, and I finally got around to making an appointment with my favorite stylist. I felt guilty for being at the salon while Jeans was at the vet, but I'm such a worrier I would have been a complete mess if I went with them.

I decided to change it up this time around, so I had my hair lightened and then dyed a deep red-violet color. It's much more red in person, but not crazy bright. I also got my bangs cut! I've seen so many ladies with pretty straight-across bangs lately, I just had to try! They're taking some getting used to, but I'm in love.

I finally reached a midway point on my ears! I got to 5/8" today, with my ultimate (and final) goal being 3/4". I'm super excited because I have two super adorable pairs of 3/4" plugs to wear! I'm so impatient!

Here's a sneak peek of the crafty things I've been up to.

I wanted to make our bedroom a little nicer looking in the hopes that a well decorated room would mean I kept it cleaner... We'll see how that goes! I made these paper decorations (and quite a few more) to hang above our bed, but I'm having the darndest time hanging them right! I want them to lay flat against the wall, but they keep tipping forward. I'm going to try stronger tape and maybe floral wire to rig something up!

Phew! That was a lot. I also want to mention that if you're interested in buying something from my shop, I will be putting it in vacation mode for about two weeks at the end of February. I need some time to work on new designs, plus we'll be going on our super fun roadtrip with Kaelah and Mike in March!! I'll announce a date for the vacation mode in the next week or two.

I hope you're having a wonderful night!

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  1. Your hair looks amazing!

    And your cat looked pretty weird indeed, but I'm glad he's fine.

  2. Glad your cat is okay, it's so scary when something goes awry with your pets, I know how it feels... my dog accidentally consumed some tinfoil once, it was not a good scene.

    I love you hair! My hair is currently in the growing out stages and is driving me crazy, I can't wait to go back to Canada to get it fixed.

  3. I hope Jeans is okay!! And your hair is GORGEOUS!! <3

  4. that is a lot of snow!!!
    so happy that your cat is ok..
    i absolulty love your hair..it looks beautiful on you!
    have a wonderful Sunday! <3

  5. holy crap, that is a lot of snow O.O

    so glad to hear jeans is okay!
    your hair looks stunning, as always! I want to have hair like that ^^

  6. love the hair !! it suits u tones.

    very glad your kitty cat is ok, same thing happened to my dog a wee while ago. x

  7. thanks for the snow update. I loved the pictures. It makes me miss nashville. I can't wait till i move back!

  8. Love the hair, hate the snow! So glad jeansy is okay.... kitties are always getting into some kind of trouble!


  9. wow, how scary! i would cry if my cats pupil looked like that one day! good thing that it was just a minor scratch


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