Snapshots v.3

I love love love her dress! I wonder if this was their business? I've tried to figure out what the sign on the window says, but I haven't gotten it. What do you think it says?

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  1. I like these a lot. It does look like this is probably their business. If you look at the second picture it looks like you can see "ard" on the back window on the left. I have no idea what It could be. When I first look at the second picture the right looks like "pap" and the left like "ooping". the first thing that popped into my head was "paper looping!" yeah totally mike. Everyone dreams of running a "paper looping" shop.

  2. to me, it looks more like "ooring"...maybe flooring. if you look close, i think there's a line making the P an R. i think "ard" is a reflection. ??

  3. Parquet flooring?

    Parquetry was big in the early 1900's, so, maybe?

  4. I think these posts are a great idea for getting the treasures you've found out there!


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