I've been frantically getting things ready to go on our trip with Kaelah and Mike tomorrow, and I got about 75% of the things I wanted to do done. Of course, scheduling blog posts was one of the things that got skipped over. I'm going to try to post random little things from my phone throughout the trip, though, or you can follow me on Twitter to get more updates :)

Today has been full of packing, searching for lost tights (they were in the dryer, of all places!), picking my car up from the shop, spending more money on said car that I expected to, packing snacks for the road, wearing the bummiest of bum clothes (5 year old flared jeans and a hoodie I stole from our bff Jason), but also wearing cute new plugs I'm in love with, and cuddling with Mr. Littlejeans (as much as he'll let me... which is not very much).

Getting ready for an awesome trip with your favorite people is exciting!!

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  1. Have fun on your trip and you look pretty as usual!! What kind of phone do you have though?

    The Sweetest Life

  2. skiiinnnnny mamaaa! can't wait to see you tomorrrowwww! :D

  3. have fun on your trip, that is exciting!

  4. hello!!! i just found your blog, and i love it! you are so cute and pretty too. nice to meet you!

    have fun on your trip!

    love deer donna xox


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