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We're back from our wonderful trip with Kaelah and Mike, and after a little rest I'm ready to blog about all the fun we had! Wednesday the 2nd Chris and I drove the 10 or so hours down to Kaelah's house in Tennessee. We were pretty tired, but after catching up for a few minutes we put our stuff in their car and headed out for dinner. We went to a restaurant in Lawrenceburg that was... not good! But we were starving, so we ate and then headed back to Mike's parent's house where we chatted and eventually headed to bed. We were up bright and early and got on the road by 6 am, headed for Wilmington. The drive was long, I think about 14 hours, and not too eventful. We got into Wilmington that evening, checked into our less-than-stellar-but-cheap hotel rooms, and headed out for dinner and a drink at a pizza place called Slice of Life. After that we went back to the hotel and crashed! We planned on sleeping in a little the next morning, and meeting at 10 am to start the day. I decided that I wanted to do a photo an hour for our first official day in Wilmington since I've never done one before! I fudged the times for these photos just a bit, but you get the right idea :)

9am: awake, but not happy about it.

9 am

10 am: meeting Mike and Kaelah outside our hotel rooms before we start our day.

10 am

11 am: Walking down Front Street to look at the little shops in the area. We found the Key Fence, a super cute art installation surrounding an empty lot. We stopped at a few cute boutiques where we got new sunglasses (Kaelah and I unknowingly bought the same pair!). We walked down Water Street and saw the USS North Carolina, and wandered around some interesting alleys.

11 am

11 am

11 am

11 am

11 am

11 am

12 pm: My aunt owns a restaurant in Wilmington, so we met up with my cousins at her place for lunch. I haven't seen my cousin Sydney in four years!

12 pm

1 pm: Of all places, Kaelah and I really wanted to go to the mall! I was so excited to get to shop with a girlfriend for once, instead of having to put up with Chris pouting :) We grabbed some Starbucks (iced cinnamon dolce latte, my new favorite!), and headed to Forever 21. I got a super cute dress that I wore later that weekend, and Kaelah got an adorable new purse.

1 pm

1 pm

2 pm: We drove down to Kure Beach to look at the adorable houses and walk along the water. Chris had never been to the Atlantic Ocean! We took lots of pictures, but I'll save them for another day!

2 pm

3 pm: We left the beach and passed Brew Thru on our drive home. We stopped for the novelty of it (you literally drive your car into a liquor store!), but the boys wanted to pick up some beer. I saw that they had Four Loko (!!!), and Kaelah and I bought one each because it was just so ridiculous! They've been banned in Illinois, so I felt like we *had* to try it :)

3 pm

4 pm: We went back to the hotels and freshened up a bit before heading out for dinner. I wore my newest Target dress ($11 on clearance!).

4 pm

5 pm: We ate at Nikki's Sushi on Front Street, and it was seriously SO GOOD!

5 pm

6 pm

7 pm: Goofies.

7 pm

8 pm: We headed to The Little Dipper, a fondue restaurant down the street, to meet my cousin Sydney and her friend for dessert. I'd never had fondue, but it was amazing! We had a few cocktails and good conversation in a beautiful restaurant... nothing better!

8 pm

8 pm

9 pm: Fondue!! Peanut butter, milk chocolate, and caramel, yum!

9 pm

10 pm: We went on a hunt for a good bar to hang out at, but the first five or so that we tried (ha!) were ridiculous clubs that we stayed at for a minute or two before leaving. This is where the time gets fudged because I think we wasted an hour or two hopping from crappy club to crappy club before finding a good place. But eventually we found The Opera Room, and it was a really great place to hang out and talk. We sat upstairs on some vintage couches and talked about so much! I think that was the night we convinced Kaelah and Mike that they need to come visit Chicago!

10 pm

11 pm:

11 pm

12 am: The towel dispenser in the bathroom... I was cracking up!

12 am

1 am: Back at the hotel room for some more ridiculousness. These were TERRIBLE! There were more photos taken, and some ridiculous video, but they will NOT be making it to the internet :)

1 am

We had so much fun with Kaelah and Mike, and I hope you enjoyed seeing what one of our days was like. I'll be posting more from our trip over the next few days, so check back soon!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I'm glad you had a good time and omg I want sushi now. Thank you haha! Btw your dress from Target looks really cute!! :)

    The Sweetest Life

  2. FUN! I live 4 hours from Wilmington and that's my favorite place on earth! :)

  3. I don't know why but I feel like I can relate to all these things you did on your trip. :)

  4. Great photos! It looks like you guys had an ace time.

    PS. I adore your floral cardigan, where did you get it?


  5. Hahaha! Those four lokos are insance, so stupid kids here in Los Angeles because they drank like 4! Any who did u like it? I tried it once and it tasted like strong dimatap (that grape medicine) haha.

    Love your dress!
    Why dont I ever find cute stuff like that at my Target.

    Glad all you guys had fun!

    Oh and sitting in the car long drives u nuts, i once drove with my boyfriend from Los Angeles to Houston Texas! it was pretty much an overnighter >_<


  6. This made me miss Wilmington so much that I teared up a little! Some of my best years were spent there and you went to some of my favorite places! (I just blogged about The Little Dipper.) Nikki's Sushi! =[ I'm "home" sick. Some other favorites of mine: Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn, PT's Grille, YoSake...oh man! I'm so jealous right now.

  7. Looks like y'all had a ton of fun!! Love your nails and also your sunglasses! So cute! ♥ xo.


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