Did you know? #8

Oops! I skipped yesterday's Did you know? because I was out on Chris's dad's boat getting sunburned! So you'll get two today :)

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colored pencils

Throughout my childhood, and into my first year at college, all I wanted to do was be an artist. Or an art teacher. But after my first year of art classes in college, I got discouraged and quit drawing and painting all together. I didn't pick up a pencil for years, and now I fear I've lost all my talent. I did channel my artistic and creative energy into the fiber arts, so it worked out well!

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  1. There is no way you lost your talents. Thats impossible!You might be rusty but thats it. I REALLY REALLY wish I could see some of your work!

  2. Pick up a pencil crayon and get back to it, girl!

    (says the girl who feels the same way - fibre arts forever!)

  3. practice makes perfect! Or something...I never really think I'm very good at drawing or painting but that doesnt mean I don't enjoy doing it. If you start back up, it'll come back to you and I guarantee you'll have fun in the process :)

  4. I love art as well. love the picture you chose for the post!

  5. Hello! I just came across your blog for the first time this morning! I have had so much fun reading through your posts so far! I too set out on an artistic path with dreams of being an art teacher but it did not work out (not yet at least). I can't wait to read more! Have a great day!


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