Memorial Day

For the first time in a while, Chris's and my schedule synched up with a holiday and we were actually able to enjoy it! I feel like we've worked every fun holiday for the last year. Not this time though!

We got up early on Monday morning and got dressed. We wanted to ride our bikes to Main Street to watch the parade. It was super hot, I think it got as hot as 90°! We rode most of the way there, but when it started to get crowded and there were little kids running around I got nervous about being on bikes, so we walked the rest of the way. We staked out a spot right at the beginning of the parade and watched all the groups go by. I don't know if this happens in other areas, but there were about a dozen different Shriner groups that went by! These two were my favorites:

Memorial Day
He's playing a pipe organ!

Memorial Day
These guys were riding coolers! The main guy had a chain of five coolers, but the other guys all rode a single one.

We came home from the parade and freshened up a bit before we headed over to Chris's dad's house. We live five houses down the street from his dad and stepmom, so we always end up at their house for parties and dinners. They had a bunch of people over, and after sitting on their deck for a while we decided to go down to their boat. We've had so much rain lately that we could go out on the lake because the water was too high, but we tied up right next to the dock and sat for a while. I unintentionally got really sunburned, but I think most of it happened while we were at the parade. I made the mistake of wearing a racerback dress, so I've got goofy tan lines now! It was a ton of fun, and I'm glad we had a chance to hang out with family and enjoy the day.

Tuesday was pretty lazy, we were wiped out from Monday. We ran some errands, stopped for lunch, and then came home to hang out and watch movies. We skyped with Kaelah and Mike in the evening, and headed off to bed. I wore this dress around for most of the day, but I changed when I got home because I felt like I was in pajamas!


I still feel exhausted from all the sun and fun, so I'm going to try to rest a little bit more before I head into work. Did you do anything for Memorial Day?
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  1. Sounds like fun! That dress fits you like a glove, beautiful. :D All I did was eat leftovers from my bf's parent's dinner, haha!

  2. How fun, and I'm in love with your dress!

  3. woah, that dress is PERFECTION on you. so pretty, little laddy!


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