What I wore today! Lazy day version.

Chris and I had a super relaxing day today. We started off by eating a late lunch at our favorite restaurant in town, Bulldogs. We've started a routine where we go every Monday, and I'm really enjoying it! Bulldogs is a cute little burger joint in downtown Wauconda. It has a retro-feel, and a crazy menu. Chris tried their daily (weekly?) burger, El Capitán, a huge burger topped with lettuce, tomato, bacon, onion, cheddar, half an avocado, a fried egg, and chipotle mayo! It was HUGE!

After that we headed off for Target to get a random assortment of groceries. We're trying to get our house in order for my upcoming party, so we got nice, new versions of things (like a garbage can for the kitchen, and hand towels for the bathroom). I get way too excited about things like that, we spent a good ten minutes deciding on what kind of garbage can to get! I love getting house things from Target, their in-house line of products are great and affordable. We got pretty aqua colored stuff for the bathroom, and I'm more than pumped about it. I'm a big dork :)
It was so super hot today, my car said it got up to 100°! We didn't put our air conditioners in the windows until later this afternoon, so when I was getting ready this morning I was dyyying! I made a quick pair of cutoff jean shorts before we went out and threw on a baggy v-neck tee in an attempt to beat the heat. Sometimes I need a lazy day where I throw my hair up in a crazy messy bun and wear jeans and a t-shirt, because trying to keep my hair in place and feel pretty in a dress is just unachievable. I really love these shorts though, so I'll probably wear them a lot this summer!
Earlier in the week I got a cute little package from Miss Kaelah, and I couldn't wait to wear my pretty new Hive+Honey fascinators! I love them because they're big and attention-grabbing, but they're almost completely flat against my head. I really don't like huge hair pieces that stick out, I feel like I have some weird fluffy frilly thing growing out of my skull! But these are perfect because they mix sweet and dainty with statement, and HELLO! Pale aqua is my fave!! Homegirl knows me well :)
I love pairing a cute hair accessory with a schlubby outfit, it makes me feel instantly cuter and presentable. Thanks so much, Kaelah!!

Now I'm ready to crochet the night away, and maybe work on designing my sister's baby-shower invites. With the weather as hot as it is, I can't imagine doing anything else!
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  1. It's really great to see you wear these kind of outfit instead of dress and cardi every once in a while, because you're absolutely look gorgeous in those simple yet cute looking outfit. and the fascinator, definitely one awsome hair piece, hats off to miss Kaelah.

  2. love your outfit - you looked super relaxed and cute! love that headband - Kaehlah's work is gorgeous!!!

    oh and that burger - i want one now!

  3. Ooooh I love that colour! And honestly, I dress that way so often! And you're right, the fascinator totally jazzes up the outfit.

    Also - avocado on a burger?! Why haven't I thought of that one yet? I would put avocado on anything...

  4. So cute. I'm with you, if I'm plain in jeans and a t-shirt, I try to pick out something cute to go with it... a fun piece of jewelry, fun shoes, or something to dress it up. You look adorable.

  5. You look great in these clothes, and i love KB hair clips. they're too adorable!

  6. that totally looks like what i wear on lazy, hot summer days! i've been trying to decide which hive + honey piece to get, and now i'm sold on the one you're wearing! super cute. it really does make a plain outfit pop!
    PS i get SO excited about target. when i moved into my new place, i spent like 2 hours picking out bathroom towels and rugs. haha.

  7. Looks like a fun day! I just came upon your blog and love it! Officially your newest follower. Where is Wauconda? We recently moved to the 'burbs (Saint Charles) from the city.


  8. i chopped a pair of jeans this week at pretty much the exact same length and i l-o-v-e them! i was so unexpectedly in love with them, even though the husband keeps teasing that he has a jorts-wearing wife now!

    xo.anna marie


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