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sewing machine
I've been running around like crazy trying to finish up the last little bit of stuff for my sister's shower this weekend. Ok, that's a lie. I put 99% of it off until the last week and I'm rushing to get it all done! I'm a total procrastinator. But things are on schedule and I'm feeling really confident I'll get everything done! Right now I'm off to do some baking before work, so I'll leave you with a picture of my new baby! She doesn't work, and if she did she only sews zig-zag stitches. Oh well! She sure is pretty.
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  1. Oh wow and its the perfect colour!!

  2. Love the mint green! Wish I knew how to sew.

  3. She's beautiful, what a gorgeous colour!

  4. Wow, she really is beautiful! I'm so jealous, I've wanted a gorgeous old sewing machine for so long! The colour is lovely :)


  5. At least your sewing machine is pretty to look at even if it doesn't work. Beautiful colour.

  6. She's purdy. I found myself one very similar to that one. At first I thought it only did zigzag stitches also but after messing with I figured it out. You should be able to put it on zero and do straight stitch also. Hope you get her to work.


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