Lauren's Shower

The last few weeks have been a flurry of activity around here, all in preparation for a big event in my family: my sister Lauren's baby shower! My mom and our sister Cara (along with her two daughters) flew in from California, and since I'm the only one that lives nearby I was in charge of a lot of the decorating. I actually picked this role, and I really had fun making sweet decorations for the shower. I didn't get to make everything I wanted to, but I still think it turned out pretty adorable!

I ended up being pretty crunched for time the day before the shower (I did most of my baking, finished the gift bags, did the paper wall-decoration, and finished my gift), and ended up working until about 6am! I slept for a few hours, and then haggardly tried to finish everything up and pack the 90 million things I needed to bring into the car. I only forgot one thing: my camera. Can you believe it? Luckily my sister Cara had a (beatiful, gorgeous, drool-inducing) Nikon D90 on hand so I borrowed some of her photos to share with you.

A few details: We held the shower at Lauren's friend's photography studio in Chicago. She had the cutest props throughout her studio, so it made it easy to decorate! If you're in the area, check out Jennifer Shaffer Photography, she's just the sweetest! Unfortunately, her air conditioning had broken just a few days before the shower, and it was unbearably hot in the studio! So in most of the photos, we're all shiny and have goofy hair because we were DRENCHED in sweat. Poor Lauren even needed to use a wet napkin on the back of her neck to keep from overheating! In hindsight, it's pretty funny, but experiencing it was tough.
sweets table
The sweets table: I made the homemade Oreos (found via Oh Mishka) and lemon cupcakes.The cupcakes were a hit! The Oreos were good, but I should have cut the sugar like the recipe mentioned, they turned out REALLY sweet!
here comes the sun 
I made this paper decoration because Lauren loves the Beatles, and she wants to use this line in the nursery somehow. 
flowers and teacups 
We had a tea party theme, which was so silly because in that super hot room, I think the last thing on anyone's mind was hot tea!
photo line 
My mom hung up baby photos from our family along a wire across the room. It was fun to look at them and try to guess who was who!
gift bags 
The gift bags! Lauren's mother-in-law made some cute favors, and I made felt brooches and a cute tea bag set for each guest. 
The gorgeous momma-to-be!
me and belle 
Me and my niece Isabelle. She's fifteen and so, so beautiful! It took a lot of effort to try and pull ourselves together for this photo, we were absolutely melting!
My other adorable niece, Vivianrose! She's the sweetest kid you'll ever meet!
vivianrose won 
The only game we played was where everyone guessed how big around Lauren's belly is, and cut a piece of string to that length. Whoever's string was the closest match won. Vivianrose's strong was the perfect length! 
My pretty mom in a fabulous dress, giving a little speech.
Lauren opening gifts. 
And finally, Lauren opening my gift. I crocheted a baby blanket in the colors she's using for the nursery. I really loved this pattern, and it worked up super quick! For all you crocheters out there, I used this pattern, but changed the numbers (I've forgotten how many chains I made to start), and I used a P hook with the yarn held doubled.

I had a really great time, despite all the day's foibles and my serious lack of sleep. It was so great to be with all the lovely ladies in my family, some of whom I haven't seen in a couple years! My mom is going to come out and visit Chris and I at our house today, and then we're off to have dinner with everyone before they head home. If I come across any more photos to share, I will! I have a few more details I'd love for you to see :)

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  1. aww looks like a great time. love the tiny flags that spell out here comes the sun. how adorable!

  2. looks amazing you did a great job!

  3. Lovely photos!
    What an exciting time.
    I adore the baby blanket, too cute!


  4. beautiful shower! i love your gift to her!

  5. That blanket is amazing!

  6. everything came out beautifully!! and that studio is OH SO CLOSE to my favorite mexican restaurant in Humboldt Park :)

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  8. oh my gosh - i loooove the baby blanket - you did an awesome job! i wanna make one! i'm curious - what yarn did you use?

  9. Wow you did a great job! :) I just got some great ideas for my sisters baby shower in September :) love the blanket you made!!



  10. the blanket you made looks adorable! what cute party idea.

    and your sis is just glowing! :)

  11. The blanket turned out wonderfully! I glad to see your sister had such a lovely baby shower!

  12. The blanket is wonderful! Thank you for posting that pattern. I'm a beginning crocheter, but I have a few blankets from my grandmother in that pattern and I'd love to copy it.

    Everything looks beautiful!

  13. I love the colors your sister chose for her nursery. Super cute. I also love those gift bags. :)

  14. It all looks like a very successful and loving baby shower for a very special momma-to-be. I wish I could have been there. I love you, Lauren

    MOM........the other one :-)


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