Crafting for my nephew.

Yesterday I made the trek into the city to meet up with my sister. We had plans to make a mobile for my nephew's nursery, he's due in less than a month and we're down to the final details of putting his room together! My sister had a few options that she'd narrowed it down to: this one, this one, and this one. We couldn't settle on one, so we're incorporating all three into his room. We worked on the last one today to hang over his crib, and I think it turned out pretty darn adorable!

Cutting Hot Air Ballons

Hot Air Balloons


DIY Paper Mobile

Baby Boy Nursery
Doesn't he have the cutest room already?? I'm going to make a few throw pillows for the chair, Lauren has some prints from Etsy that she wants to hang, and we're working on the tissue poms and yarn balloons for another cute decoration that I'll share once we finish. I had so much fun crafting with my sister! I usually fly solo with my DIY endeavors, so having a partner in crafty-crime was so awesome :)
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  1. That is incredibly cute!

  2. So cute, I love the fact that they're air balloons!

  3. Pretty nursery, adorable mobile!

  4. That is seriously the cutest mobile I've ever seen!

  5. that mobile is too cute! and that chair! ahhh! love love love!

  6. I love the little mobile especially :)

  7. congrats on being an aunt! his room is gorgeous!


  8. You're absolutely right, that is the cutest mobile ever!

  9. The mobile is adorable!


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