Just a few recent thrifted finds.

I went to the two nearest Goodwills the other day, and I had a pretty decent time. I found some cute vintage stuff, like this strawberry sauce pot and green plastic mug.
thrifted finds
I also got the pretty dress on the left. It's brand new (with tags) from Target, and it's the same style as this one. Every time I go to the Goodwills around here they're packed full of brand new stuff from Target! It's all from the clearance section, and last time I found about a dozen of this dress! Do you ever see Target stuff at Goodwill?

strawberry sauce pot
Jeans was being a little helper while I took these photos.
Mr. Littljeans
He always acts a little weird when I go into the upstairs room. It's supposed to be my craft room, but I don't get to use it very much, so mostly it's Jeansy's room. I feel like he's my teenage son who's going "Moooommmm, get out of my rooooooom! Stop touching all my stuuuuuuuf!!". (Anthropomorphism, much?).
Mr. Littlejeans

I get to go into work a little later than normal today, so I'm working on some baby booties for my sister (and nephew!). I'm going into the city on Tuesday to help her set up the nursery, and we're going to make a mobile! We've been scouring Pinterest for inspiration, and I think we have it narrowed down to a few options.

I still have a few sponsor spaces available, if you're interested! Don't forget, if you sign up for the month of September, you get the last week of August for free!!
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  1. I've noticed the Target goods at goodwill as well. I love your kitty, so adorable.


  2. im pretty sure target donates to goodwill when they have some clearance stuff left, awesome most of the time but annoying when the goodwill prices it for more then what it was at target !

  3. Yeah,the Goodwill stores here in Tennessee that I've been to sell alot of Target stuff and Walmart. But I've also found a few one-of-a-kind things too! :)

  4. I used to work at target and they donate their "salvage" goods. I guess it's a great tax write-off for them.

  5. Target donates their clearance to Goodwill after is has been in the store X amount of days :) Lucky you there is lots at your location!

  6. I just love that mug! I have a horrible mug addiction.

  7. Great finds! I wish we had decent thrift stores here.


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