My new favorite thing.

I feel a little silly writing up a whole post about this, but I'm really more excited about this than I should be :) The other day I tweeted about needing a solution for Mr. Littlejeans's insane amounts of fur. Seriously, you couldn't pet him without a pound of hair falling off. A few people responded that I needed to get myself a Zoom Groom, which I promptly ran out and bought!
This thing is fantastic. I love it, Jeans loves it, and my vacuum cleaner loves it (because it has to do less work.... ehhh?) He hates being brushed by a regular brush, but this, I hold it up and he comes running! See how happy he is now? Alright, I won't lie, he lays like this all the time. But inside he's happy!
Mr. Littlejeans
He's pumped! Do any of you guys with short haired kitties have any other tips and tricks for keeping their fur in control? Let me know in the comments!!
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  1. I needed a solution for my 3 cats, but mainly my medium hair cat because he gets hairballs sometimes. I saw the Zoom Groom but wasn't sure it would do the trick and opted for the Furminator. [good to hear it works for your cat though!] I found the Furminator on Amazon for a fraction of the price they sell them for in stores and it's great! All three cats love it and I get so much hair off them with it--seriously, I could make a new cat with all this fur!
    Now I just need to get in the habit of brushing them pretty regularly and hope that when it gets cooler the battle between me and the shedding takes it down a notch. ;)

  2. I had been wondering about these! My cat sheds constantly and our dog just loves her Kong toy, so I trusted the brand. Thanks for doing a write up, I'll have to run out and pick one up!
    ♡ Brooke

  3. ooh I'll have to try this! My short-haired cat sheds SO much but she's not the friendliest of cats (aka she likes to bite, scratch and punch) and really doesn't like being groomed. I'll have to give it a whirl! With oven mitts on for protection of course, ha!

    I wonder if it would work on long haired cats too? I get my long-haired cat shaved every once in a while because she apparently doesn't know how to groom herself, and runs away whenever I try to do it :p

  4. does it work on people?? because there is enough red hair all the drains around here and on the car seats to make several voodoo dolls of me. lol

    I don't have cats of my own but I am a crazy cat aunt... the kind that will buy this for my favorite kitties.

  5. I just might NEED to buy one of these! Our short haired kitty also sheds like crazy. I really like Kong products for our pups.


  6. wow, i'm going to try with my cat! my short haired cat sheds so much...it's a bit ridiculous. i guess that we shed too though :)


  7. I'm so glad its working for you! Slicker brushes also work well but some cats don't like them. Just to warn you though with all brushes (not the Zoom Groom so much) you should watch out for brush burn.

  8. That is awesome. I can't even touch my monster kitty right now because he is shedding so much (I may be sooorrrttaa allergic to kitties and yes, I have 2 anyways) but I think I might have to pick one of these up for the hubbs to use on Mr. Wallace!

  9. LOL Susannah my cat Ruby is ADDICTED to the same brush. Like yours, she comes running if I hold it up, and while I brush her she rolls around purring in absolute ecstasy. I've never seen anything like it.

    She still manages to leave fur all around the house, however. It's a mystery to us where it all comes from.

  10. girl, Zoom Grooms are AMAZING! I worked in the grooming department of Petsmart for years, and they were the miracle tool! A little hit (incase you didn't already know): You can use it to brush up hair from carpets and upholstery too, like MAGIC!


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