Sponsor Susannahbean!!

Sponsor Susannahbean
Big news, guys! I've decided to open up my blog to sponsorship! I'm really excited about offering my blog as a space to advertise your blog or Etsy shop. I had so much success with the ads I took out for my blog and shop last year, and I really hope you guys can get the same return out of advertising on my blog. I'd love to support up-and-coming blogs and Etsy shops by providing affordable ad space with a whole bunch of extras! I'm offering up three different sizes for you to choose between:

Description of Photo 
 There will be one extra large ad available monthly. This ad will be featured at the top right corner of my blog, and will stay there for the whole month! When you purchase this ad, you'll be included at the beginning of my monthly sponsor highlight post, with a full bio, up to three links, and one large photo. You will also have the option to do a giveaway!  
MEDIUM - $15
Description of Photo 
 Medium ads will be featured right under the Extra Large ad in the right sidebar. You will be included in my monthly sponsor highlight post with a full bio, two links, and one large photo. Your ad will be shuffled for maximum visibility! There are a limited number of medium sized ads available, so grab yours quick!
SMALL - $10
Description of Photo 
Small ads will be located directly under the medium ads. You'll be included in my monthly sponsor highlight post with an introduction, one link, and one small photo. These will be rotated for maximum exposure! There are a limited number of small ads available!

I'm also offering an extra special treat for my first round of sponsors! If you sign up to advertise with me for the month of September, I'll put your buttons up the last week of August, so you'll get 5 weeks for the price of 4!

If you're interested in sponsoring Susannahbean, email me at susannahbean@gmail.com and we'll get started! Check out my Sponsor page for more information!
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  1. Congrats on opening sponsorship! I was wondering when you were going to do this! :) I am definitely interested and will see what I can do in the next few days or so. I'll email you, but congrats again! :)


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