Chris's birthday!

Yesterday was Chris's birthday! We spent it hanging out with his family, and it was such a good time. I even convinced Chris to take some photos with me :)
Chris and Me
I made one of his birthday cakes at work. It's Early Cuyler from Squidbillies!
Squidbillies cake
It's one of our favorite shows, and we think Early's rotation of ridiculous trucker hats is one of the best parts, so I wrote "Happy Birfday Chris" on Early's hat (with a couple backwards letters for fun!). If you haven't seen the show, well, it's hilarious and weird, let's just leave it at that!

I'll be picking a winner of the Bamboo giveaway tomorrow, so stay tuned to see if you're the lucky one!! 
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  1. Thats a good looking cake! and some good lookin boots!

  2. Again, I gotta say that cake is amazing. Viva Squidbillies!

  3. I've never watched Squidbillies, maybe I should! Love the cake, happy birthday to Chris!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ^_^ Sounds like he had a great day and that cake is EPIC!!!

  5. I know I already told you, but I REALLY LOVE this cake!

  6. You both look lovely! I love the cake!


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