The time I almost lost $160.

The other day Chris and I were out grocery shopping when I got a phone call from my dad. He told me about a letter he got from the state about toll violations made in my car. The letter said I owed $83 for going through the toll without paying. I have an I-Pass (which is Illinois' version of the EZ-Pass), and I knew I had recently gotten an email saying my balance was low, but I hadn't actually looked at the balance on it. I told him I'd look into it when I got home, he gave me a number to call and that was that.

I went home, found the email, spent ten minutes trying to remember my login id and password, and finally saw that my balance was $0.29. I was able to see the violation notice, and the other violation notice that they hadn't even had time to send yet. $167. That's how much the state said I owed. I was freaking out. I'm broke, I don't have $167 to spend on stupid toll violations. I tried calling the number from the letter, but I was on hold for too long and I was getting really bummed out. I came really close to paying online, but it's a good thing I didn't!

I called the number, got through to a very nice man named Justin, who told me that since I had a valid I-Pass my fee was only $7. I was honestly ready to jump up and down out of pure happiness. I came so close to just paying the $167, because I hate talking on the phone, but I put on my big girl pants and called, and that's how I saved myself $160. Best phone call EVER!

PS: The Bamboo Tablet Giveaway winner has been contacted, congratulations comment #273, Brandy!! Thanks to everyone who entered!!
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  1. Yikes! I hate talking on the phone too, but it's a good thing you did! I'm glad everything worked out in the end :)

  2. before I finished reading the your story all I kept thinking was this same exact thing happened to me and I hope you got the same ending result (we did :)

    I wonder how many times people end up paying the full balance when they have an IPASS and don't realize. I think that is why IL sends out those letters in hopes that he get a few dumb people who aren't as smart to think about calling and fighting it.

  3. Glad it worked out! I don't know how all that stuff works, but it sounds like a pain in the ass :/

  4. That's amazing! that's why it's always good to call and find out :)

  5. Bummer, I wish I had won the bamboo tablet! hehe

    So glad this all worked out! I have an EZ Pass, those things can be super obnoxious.

  6. I hate calling too because I am on hold for 75597841354 hours & can't take it

    I am glad it all worked out.

    ps. super cute hair!!!!!! (I used your scarf bow tutorial too!)

  7. I hate calling as well because it is so annoying to be put on hold AND when you can't find someone that speaks plain English! It's so annoying!

    It's great that he saved you so moola! Especially since the economy is so bad D:
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  8. I hate talking on the phone too, I always end up sounding so silly and not being able to say what I'm thinking or I say too much. Glad you ended up getting out of that high toll fee!


  9. I follow you. I hate talking on the phone with people I don't know.
    But the worst part is, that you know a phone call is much better and faster than an email, or text message, ...

    In the end I'm also glad I did it, but I will still try to avoid it when I can.

  10. sometimes the big girl pants just make everything awesome!
    i'm super glad this story had a happy ending :)

  11. so glad that you didn't have to pay that fee! (and also secretly glad that we don't have tolls in OH!)

  12. i don't really hate talking on the phone but i absolutely hate being on hold for six million years.

    so glad you didn't pay it, though & stuck it out!


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