A cute dress and a thank you!

susannahbean vintage
Dress: vintage [eBay]
Cardigan/boots: Target
Belt: thrifted
vintage aqua dress
Thank you all so much for your love and support in my last blog post, on Twitter, and through my Etsy shop! We're doing much better, this kind of thing is impossible to prevent and happens to everyone. It's a bummer to deal with, and it's gonna be tough on our wallets for quite some time, but we'll get through it! 

I've been looking on eBay for vintage dresses for a while now, but I never came across anything worthwhile. There are tons of dresses labeled vintage, but they aren't anything spectacular, and if they are they're super expensive. This little gem popped up for around $6 and I had to have it! It's interesting, because on the inside it looks handmade, you can see that pinking shears were used and the sewing looks less-than-professional, but it has a company label on it. You never know with vintage dresses! The colors are fantastic, and the price was perfect, so I knew it had to be mine :)

Tonight we're gonna have some wine, catch up on some of our favorite TV shows, and cuddle on the couch. We need it! I hope you had a great day, and thank you all again for being so kind.
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  1. You are adorable! I love that dress and those boots! Are they from this year?

  2. @Caitlin: Yep! Just got them a few days ago! $35 ;)

  3. Oh! A very cute dress indeed!! I love a good dress and boots combo. You look absolutely lovely :)

  4. Im super glad I found your little blog, I have just started blogging again after a long vacation away from my computer and you just make me smile bunches. Time for a cup of tea and a wee squizz back through your blog I think!

    Love T xx

  5. That dress looks amazing on you. It is so hard to find affordable and lovely vintage, but such a treat when you do!


  6. I love where you take your photos it is so cute and this dress, omg it is adorable! You look wonderful!


  7. that outfit is gorgeous! hope all is well today!x

  8. The cut on this dress is very flattering, especially with those cute boots!

  9. I came across your blog/shop from Kaylah, I hope things get better for your financial situation. I bought a bombshell! So excited! I hope a little bit helps you guys, you seem so sweet! Good luck with everything!

  10. Oh i love it :) really pretty...hope everything works out for you..possitive thinking:) xx

  11. What a cute little dress. I agree, it is hard to find cute and reasonably priced vintage pieces.

  12. Oh this is adorable! The color combo is perfect for you and I really like the boots with it! Lovely!


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