Christmas revisited.

This last week has been exhausting and overwhelming, but also so much fun! Last Thursday Chris and I did Christmas with my mom and sisters, then Christmas Eve we did Chris's mom's side of the family, and Christmas day we did brunch with his mom, early dinner with my dad, and cocktails with his dad. Then yesterday I drove up to my sister's house in Wisconsin to pick up my niece for a day out together, and finally I have some down time before work today! So busy, but so worth it.

I thought I'd share my favorite gifts with you because I'm so smitten and I know you will be too! My mom and I share a love for all things vintage, and she always seems to find the perfect stuff for me. This year is no exception :)
She made the necklace and the pillow, and the ornaments are from my sister and nieces. They know me so well! I hope you had a wonderful holiday :)
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PS: The CAPow giveaway winner has been chosen (a while ago, eep!). Congratulations Ashley! Thanks to everyone who entered :)


  1. Those are awesome vintage gifts and I love the necklace and pillow your mom made! I'm happy you had a fun week of Christmas celebrating!

  2. Such lovely gifts!! It's delightful that your mom shares your love for vintage too.

  3. Those are so cute! Sounds like you had an awesome time.


  4. Those are the cutest gifts. I love how they all have a common theme!!

  5. Oh my gosh- your family has AMAZING taste. My Mom always ends up getting me something from like Sears that she thinks is cool. I'm like, no, Mom, Sketchers Shape Ups are *not* hip with the kids these days.
    You're a lucky lady that your family knows your taste so well!!


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