Our fifth anniversary.

Today was our fifth anniversary. It's hard to believe it's been five years, it feels like we just met yesterday, but also like we've been together forever. We've been through so much together, and Chris is truly the best friend I've ever had! We wanted to do something special, and originally our plan only consisted of going out to dinner at a nice restaurant. Late last night we started trying to plan our daytime activities. I thought it'd be sweet if we went to the coffee shop where we first met (around 8 years ago!). After a little digging on the internet, we found out it's now closed :( We suggested a million different things to each other- museums, bowling, movies, a mini roadtrip- but nothing sounded fun. The last thing I suggested was that we should go to the casino. Chris and I have been talking about going to the casino in Elgin, which is about 45 minutes away, for a while now, but we've never been able to justify taking the risk of losing money. But we figured it was a special day, and we made a rule that we'd go with $50 and see where we ended up. We cashed in our change jar for another $25 which covered lunch at the buffet (which was really freaking good, and I'm not one to enjoy buffets) and headed out.
Here's Chris enjoying the buffet. We're kinda weirded out by buffets because our only experience is with Old Country Buffet and this one Chinese buffet we used to go to all the time in college... Not the greatest experiences, haha!
They had surprisingly good lattes!
This is the face I made after Chris told me about how some people wear diapers at the slot machines so they don't have to give up their spot... Ew.

We went into the casino, and it looked like Chuck E. Cheese for adults. There were *plenty* of awesome people-watching candidates, which was a total bonus :) We ended up downstairs at the cheapest slot machines. The first ones we picked were weird, so we moved on. I picked the next ones, mine was Dean Martin themed and Chris's was medieval themed! Chris got up to get change, and I played my Dean machine. I really didn't know what I was doing, I had put in $5 and pressed a few random buttons and hit spin. While he was up, the machine made a loud noise, Dean Martin started singing, and I won $100! I cashed out then, and Chris played a few rounds at his machine. After a few seconds his machine went off, and we thought he won $20. He played a few more times, then cashed out, which is when we realized he ALSO won $100! We decided to play one more machine with $5, which we turned into another $50, and after that we decided to call it a day. All in all, I think we spent maybe an hour actually in the casino, but we were up a little over $200! It may not be a fortune, but we were really freaking excited :) We had made a pact on the drive there that if we won anything we would be reckless with it, instead of putting it towards bills. We don't get to spend a whole lot of money of fun stuff, so we made that decision and stuck with it. Chris wanted to get a Kindle Fire with our winnings, and I agreed, so we were off to pick one up. At our local Target, they had a repackaged (but brand new) one for $60 off, so we snatched that up and used the rest of our money to get a little bit of groceries and I *might* have gotten myself a clearance jacket :)
Chris has already set up the Kindle and is currently playing games on it :) He's a happy dude right now!

We decided to save our dinner plans for another day, so now we're hanging out at home and enjoying our new toy. I think this has turned out to be our best anniversary yet!
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  1. Happy anniversary. Congratulations for that and for your amazing win(s) at the casino. From what I hear luck such as you had doesn't happen often!

    Loulou Downtown

  2. Happy Anniversary and nice job at the casino! My husband and I have been together 5 years, too (but married for 2 months, ha). We're pretty frugal with our money as well and don't spend on a lot of fun stuff. He hates gambling, I like it way more than he does. I always tell him the slot machines are like arcade games, except you can win something while you're playing if you're lucky. We're actually going to Las Vegas with family tomorrow so I'm crossing my fingers that he wins a little, even if I lose. He always loses and is so sad about it... and then I win to make it worse haha. Oops. Anyway - sounds like you guys had a great time and got a free Kindle out of it, amazing!

  3. How sweet! I'm glad you guys won some fun money on your trip and got some goodies, that's actually a really sweet alternative to buying anniversary presents! Happy anniversary!

  4. Hi have been following your blog for a while but to shy to say Hello! Until today!
    Congratulations! I can't wait for Ben and I to have our 5th Anniversary (it's 2 months away)!
    Wishing you the best!
    xo Sarai

  5. That is so awesome! Congrats you two! And happy five years :)

  6. Congrats! Our 6 year is coming up in a few days too. Seems like forever eh?

  7. Happy Anniversary!!!
    Sounds like you had a great day!


  8. i have always wanted to go to a casino but i don't even think we have one in northern ireland. wish i had of went when i visited new york last year.

    your just right to treat urself with ur winnings :)

  9. Way awesome! Congrats on your 5 year as well! <3

  10. Happy Anniversary! That sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day celebrating. Different, fun and relaxing(?). It's always fun to win money!! The most I've ever won was $20 off $5, which I cashed out and quit while I was ahead. I find it too painful to gamble. I just keep thinking...well, that could have been a pair of shoes. LOL.

  11. what an awesome anniversary present! :) Man, I know so many with beginners luck at casinos! I never experienced that. Haha! Everytime I go, someone I am with wins though! YAY!

  12. WOW! Happy anniversary!!
    Looks like you two had a wonderful anniversary! I'd be afraid to use the lot machines!
    I just found your blog from Kaelah and I love it!!

    Marja <3

  13. You are just too cute for words, Kaelah was right!!

    Best of luck for all the years to come, you are both an adorable couple, I love your "story"!! You are great together, and i'm glad you're so happy, what a wonderful first post to read from your blog.

    xx Nichola

  14. Just hopped over from Little Cheif Honeybee and all I can say is keep on blogging! Newest follower and I cannot believe I've never stumbled on your blog before! Well it looks like I'm going to be spending my saturday going back and reading your entire blog..and I'm pretty stinkin' excited too!

    Oh! And happy anniversary! You two are just the cutest!


  15. That sounds like a delightful way to spend some winnings!


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