What I wore: the Lumberjack Edition.

 Shirt: Chris's (Target)
Jeans: Target
Hairbow: The Gretel from my shop

I've been wearing jeans more often lately, and I don't quite know what the reason is, but I'm realizing I need more tops. I used to only have crappy tees that I'd worn forever, and then I spent about two years pretty much exclusively buying dresses, but now I'm becoming fond of wearing pants again and I'm in need of some semi-casual-but-not-t-shirt kinda shirts. I have a few, but a few just doesn't cut it. So when I got my Vance booties from Blowfish in the mail, I knew I needed to pair them with some dark skinny jeans, but I had no cute shirts to wear. Well, why not wear Chris's shirt instead? So I did. There's something so comforting about wearing your boyfriend's shirts. I used to steal a t-shirt from him every weekend I'd go visit him in college so I could wear it to sleep and think of him (our colleges were about an hour and a half away from each other). I still sometimes wear his shirts to bed, or snag one for a lazy day around the house, but I haven't stolen any of his button-ups yet. This one is super comfy and soft, it feels like he's been wearing it for years even though it's a fairly recent purchase. But I might have to hang it in my closet from now on :)
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  1. I pretty much live in Old Navy thermals! They're super easy to layer (I usually throw a tank underneath everything) and come in so many fun colors! I look at least half way put together with out much effort at all which is a huge plus in my book :)

  2. LOVE the shirt and the boots ofcourse! ;p

  3. Those boots are adorable :]


  4. I love this whole outfit but especially your shoes! They're amazing! xx

  5. Are those boots not the best? I bought a pair recently and they are SO comfortable (and also look amazing). I can be on my feet forever and they never hurt. Your whole outfit is adorable - especially the little red bow! :)

  6. The bow in your hair looks so cute and you look gorgeous in anything you wear!


  7. i don't know why... but this is probs one of my faves on you.... adorbz. I'm going to have to try this look here soon... when I can find a flannel that doesn't make me look 1000x's shorter than I already am.

    1. Thanks! Try a men's flannel, they're long enough for me (except they don't have the hip room I need so I leave the last button undone!). Women's flannels are midriff shirts on me :/

  8. Such a cute outfit :) You make an adorable lumber jack lol.

    xo Amber P.

  9. cute little outfit...the shoes are fabulous!


  10. SOSOSO happy that I'm seeing more and more of my fav. stylish ladies wearing pants. <3 I love dresses and skirts, but never wear them. But pants?! Yes, please!

    You ROCK this look! I adore plaid and those boots are heavenly!!!

  11. you are gorgeous! love those shoes on you <3

  12. I can't agree more! I have been wearing dresses the past year (it's easier on the wallet and the figure) but have been craving pants as of late. They're so slimming and classic. I love how you paired your jeans with those ravishing shoes and your boyfriend's tee. Lovely. Truly lovely.

    Sincerely Always,

  13. I love those boots- wish I could spring for new shoes right now!! You look great!

  14. Love the boots - I'm a new follower ; )

  15. I've been living in skinnies and a men's vintage flannel for weeks now. I really *want* to wear a skirt with tights or a dress, but it's freezing. You do kick it up a notch with those shoes though doll. Cute! :)

  16. i wear mikey's tees so often it's not even funny. it helps that he's pretty tiny. we even fit into the same size pants! haha...most girls would hate being the same size as their boyfriend but hell, it just means double the wardrobe!

  17. Gorgeous shoes! Major envy right now :D xxx

  18. I can't pick a favorite part of this outfit its seriously perfect in every way!


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