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Today I'm happy to introduce you to this month's featured sponsor, Alivia of Brunch in April. Alivia is a doll, and I'm seriously crushing on her blog. It's all just so pretty! Her photography has been an inspiration for me :) When Alivia and I started talking about a guest post as part of her sponsorship, she suggested kicking off a new 'day in the life' series she's starting right here on my blog! I was stoked, because I LOVE sneak peeks into other people's daily lives, and even more stoked when I read her post. Seriously, just read this post, and you'll see... Thanks so much, Alivia!

Since graduating with a degree in dance a few years ago, many people wonder what I’m doing with my life now—if I actually “use my degree” or if I’m trapped in a work-here-to-pay-the-rent situation. I was always so adamant that, after college, I’d work my ass off to get a job in my field. That determination grew when unsolicited advice-givers said things like “Dance? That’s a real degree? What the hell are you going to do with that?” and, my personal favorite from a sloppy man in a bar, “*nudge* You’d better find a man to pay the bills, then, huh? *wink*” Ugh!

I’m happy to report that after a summer of studying dance at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in NYC, and applying to over ten jobs a day for three months, I found work in multiple performing arts studios across the state of Massachusetts, living in my city of choice—Boston. So there, sloppy man in the bar. So there! I find myself wondering about the different career paths I could have followed, and still might for that matter, but  especially bloggers’ careers by whom I am inspired, and I starting thinking how wonderful it would be to read about more people “living the dream.” I’m starting the new series off here, and hopefully you’ll come visit me on my blog, Brunch in April, to see others’ contributions to the series. Here we go!
My day starts between 7:30 and 8. My one-year-old
goldendoodle, Luna, gets a walk and breakfast before I head to the gym with my
After showering, having breakfast myself and getting any
daily chores finished, I start work.
Well. Kind of, haha! I start being productive, I should say.
I blog, research new artists and bands, read the news, and
try to catch up on my favorite websites. That last one usually lasts me until
As a dance teacher, I choreograph for annual performances as
well as instruct different levels and techniques on a weekly basis, so before
my long drive (at least 1.5 hours), I choreograph, plan barre combinations, and
continue researching new music for a few hours in the afternoons. Luna gets
some more playtime at the park before I have to head out—usually around 2 PM.
Yes, I drive a long way to work and no, it’s not ideal.
However, I’d rather travel a long distance to do something I love than hop on a
bus for ten minutes to work at a job that slowly sucks out my soul.
I am truly living my dream job. There are a lot of things in my field I want to accomplish in the near future, but at this
point in my life I’m doing exactly what I want. And supporting myself doing it,
which feels spectacular. 
I can’t say enough about my students. They are remarkable
and bright and, I’m sure, have taught me more than I could ever hope to teach
them. When it comes time for me to move on and open my own business, I hope those students carry the same strength and tenacity as my current dancers.
Once my classes are over, it’s time to head home and to bed! 
…Unless my roommates suggest watching an episode of Freaks & Geeks or Downton
Abbey. Then sleep is put off until the important things are taken care of! At the very latest, I am in bed by midnight. Or one. 
. . . . .
 Thanks, beautiful Susannahbean readers-- hope you enjoyed the journey through my day :) If you have any questions, I'd love to try to answer them-- just leave a comment or ask on formspring!

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  1. What a fun post. Is that a golden doodle? Or what kind of dog is that? I just became a new follower to your blog. Can't wait to follow along in the future. elephantstrunk42@gmail.com

  2. She is a goldendoodle! Thanks so much :)


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