What I wore: Hearty Greens.

 Skirt: Thrifted vintage
Tee: Target
Sweater: Forever 21
Sandals: Saltwaters
Scarf: Thrifted vintage

Now that I have my dream camera I'm trying to brush up on my photography skills so I can use it to its full potential. I've been playing around with shutter speed and using the sun to get prettier, lighter photos. I really love the look of it! I can't wait til I'm totally confident in my photography skills, right now there's lottttts of futzing around and screw-ups, but it's all a learning experience :)

Every time I take outfit photos when I'm wearing a cardigan, I look through the pictures when I'm done and thing, "Man, I look really weird in sweaters!". I feel like they just don't sit right on me! I honestly had dozens of photos where my boobs were hanging out or my arms/shoulders made me look like a linebacker. Oh well, I'm still gonna wear sweaters (like, every single day, too).

I took my lip ring out a few weeks ago and I can't decide if I love having it out or miss it terribly. I put it back in the other night and it felt super weird! I mostly took it out because it stuck out so far when I smiled... if you know of shorter jewelry I can buy somewhere let me know! [ok, three random and unconnected topics are enough... I'm gonna get back to crocheting and watching Bones now :) ]
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  1. You are so lovely! <3

  2. You're just the most adorable thing ever. Seriously I just want to hug you! Haha!

    1. If you're ever in Chicagoland I'm down for a hugging' sesh!! xo

  3. i love it all. i think part of the fun of a new camera are the screw ups and how you can look back at when you began and see how you grow. so far your photos look great though!

    i think you look really cute in this sweater - it's a great print!

    <3 katherine

  4. YOu are WAY too cute! Spread some cute over to me please!

  5. you look seriously amazing! Love the skirt.

  6. What a cutieeee!! :)

    That last picture is STUNNING!!

  7. You look so lovely! Hope your day off was calm and restful!

  8. I love the sweater and green combo. Good luck with your camera. I got one two years ago and have not yet mastered it.

  9. I love it, you look great and I want that skirt!

  10. That outfit is really adorable, I love the scarf in your hair

  11. I like you without the lip ring :) I also love the skirt! <3 xx

  12. You look so pretty! Love that skirt and the heart cardigan! :) And, I too, was watching Bones last night. Re-watching Season 3 right now bc we have no cable and waiting for my newxt round of netflix. It really never gets old though. :)

  13. Dang giirrrl, you are lookin' good! Everything about this outfit is amazing, the cardigan, the skirt, the yellow/green color combo, I'm in love. The first thing that caught my attention, though, was your lovely hair. It's curled so perfectly! Its loveliness makes me tempted to start growing mine out again :)


  14. I am in absolute love with this outfit. Seriously, cutest cutest outfit.


  15. You always have the cutest thrifted clothes, I wish I could find jems like that skirt.

  16. THAT SKKIIRRTT! I love anything green, but that skirt is just killer. Whatta find.


  17. You look absolutely gorgeous in that last photo. Wow!!

  18. Have you ever done a hair tutorial? I would love to see how you style your hair!

  19. Super Duper CUTE!! Love the outfit! And you look gorgeous! The photos are so so fabulous!! The lighting is so so lovely!! :)


  20. SO pretty! I third that hair tutorial! I usually buy my lip labrets on ebay (US sellers only). They seem to be the same quality that you can buy in piercing shops but like $15 cheaper. Some listing have a drop down bar where you can pick your size, just get a shorter/smaller post or diameter :)

  21. Holy wow, you are gorgeous. And I love the yellow/green combo.

    Et tu, tutu?

  22. OH its nice to hear someone has the same lip ring issue, i just removed mine tuesday and feel the same way, do i miss it or no? and the reason cause it sits out when i smile.. If i ever find anything smaller, i'll be sure to share, still looking...

    BTW i love the heart sweater and that colour green suits you..


  23. Very cute! I think you look great in the cardigan and I adore that skirt!

  24. You sweater is the best! Love it :)




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