Lemon, lace, and lilac.

Blowfish Sango
Dress: Vintage
Cardigan: Modcloth (probably three years ago)
Tights: Target

Okay, so the title doesn't totally work with this outfit, but I like alliteration, so I went with lilac even though my sweater has a rose print. I got this dress from a local antique mall for $6 last year, and this is the first time I've worn it. I just CAN'T do high or tight necks like that, I freak out a little bit. But I toughed it out for this outfit because I felt super adorable in it. Also, can we just talk about these shoes? When it comes time to pick out a pair of shoes from my lovely sponsor Blowfish, I have a hard time tearing my eyes away from the pretty heels and wedges, but I decided I need an 'everyday' pair, so I went with the Sangos (I had such a hard time deciding on the print, but neutral will work with more outfits). So so so glad I got these, I've worn them everyday since I they arrived! They're super comfy too :)

Today I got up way early (for me), went to breakfast with Chris's dad and stepmom, and came home to clean a little and get started on a super fun adorable radtastic project :) Really I'm just making tags for my headbands, but I'm super proud of them and I might have to put them on everything I own. I've also been watching my new favorite show, Bones, while I work, so today has been extra awesome so far. Bummer I have to work tonight! Annnyway, I'm off so I can get back to work!! 

I hope you're enjoying your day!
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  1. Love these colors! Looking super cute girl.



  2. My oh my this dress and you are to adorbs. I love the vintage dresses you always find :).
    The color of the dress and flowers on the sweater go great together.


  3. I love your outfits, they're always super cute
    and your hair is fantastic!
    Does it take forever to do???


    1. Thanks Rachel! As for my hair, it depends on which way I style it. I blowdryer for under 10 minutes regardless, and in these pics I did the no-heat headband curl, except I do it the opposite of how all the videos teach you (I wrap my hair around the headband from top to bottom, with the band under all my hair, if that makes sense!!). Then I just hit it with the deer again for a minute or two and so my makeup, then take it out and tease! Between hair and makeup I usually spend 20 or 25 minutes. :)

    2. Errrr, dryer, not deer. Silly phone :)

  4. lady, i think this is the prettiest you have ever looked! your hair looks so pretty!! very june carter.


  5. So glad I found your blog! 2 things I love about it: your hair and that you call your catt butthead.

    My favorite dress ever was canary yellow and I found it used and wore it all the time the summer I was cooking at a treeplanting camp. It made me feel like the cute momsy of the 70 beautiful, dirty creatures I was feeding. Of course it was destroyed by splatters and general wear. Oh well, It was loved and there are more yellow dresses in my future, I am sure.

  6. i love the color of that dress! and for $6... what a steal :) x


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