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I know it's technically spring right now, and not even very far into spring, but it really feels like it's summer here. The weather here has been in the mid 70s to mid 80s for the last couple weeks, and it feels like we skipped spring and went straight from winter to mid-July. I'm sure this nutso weather will come back and bite me in the booty eventually, but I'm really loving it right now. Except for when I'm working, because then it means we're crazy busy, and that's not my favorite.

Chris and I went down to the lake in our neighborhood the other day to toss around a football and play in the sand. It was so nice to take some time to just hang out, without errands or distractions. We were just having fun in the gorgeous weather with a lovely background. Of course, that was after we spent the morning running around doing errands! I feel like we did the most suburban and adult thing we've ever done... we joined Costco! Is that even the right term?! Well whatever, we signed up for Costco, we are now card-carrying Costcoites. We're pretty into it, though all we bought the first trip was a huge assorted danish tray and grapes the size of apples. And then Chris went back a second time, for milk and a hot dog. Ha! We're seriously into it, like we want to just go there and explore. But I know we'd just buy 10lb bags of Twizzlers and 300 pens or something :)
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  1. That lake is gorgeous! My mother-in-law is a costco member and we go shopping there with her sometimes, I want my own costco card so I can go whenever I want! Haha

  2. Lovely place..!!

  3. We're experiencing the same weather here in Ontario, it is SO unseasonably warm and ya, for the past 2 weeks too! Usually we get one crazy warm due in March not 14 of them! It's supposed to go back down to regular March temperatures next week though...here anyway...it's been lovely having a taste of summer though!

  4. Costco opened up in Sydney last year, my sister is obsessed. I'm still yet to go :( But who doesn't need 300 pens?!?! Hahaha.

  5. sounds wonderful. i am still on my mom's sam's club account, but often i end up buying TOO much stuff that i can't use at bulk clubs.

    i love that gif

  6. if you use frontline for your cat they usually have it at costco! we always buy it there, it is a really good deal. it is almost never with the pet stuff though. they move it around.


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