Navy, floral, and peach.

Dress: Modcloth
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: TOMS
Sunglasses: Target
I bought this dress with the intention of wearing it to Kaelah's wedding, but it didn't feel like the right fit for my first Maid of Honor gig (I did find the perfect dress, but it's gonna stay in my closet until the wedding!). But I held on to it anyway, it's just too damn cute to return. The colors look a bit bolder in person than they did on my computer when I ordered, but I love it :)

I'm technically off today, but I'm about to head into work to finish the stuff I should've finished yesterday... I worked a fifteen hour shift and couldn't push myself any more. It's cool though, overtime makes me (and my bank account) happy!
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PS: Thanks for all the birthday love! I worked all day, but it was a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Chris got my the TOMS I'm wearing as part of my birthday present, isn't he the sweetest? xo


  1. wow, the dress is so cute and the last pic is perfect! love it!

  2. Lovely dress, I like the way it fits you.

  3. Gorgeous dress! I love the pattern and the color of the sash. Glad you didn't send it back!

  4. That dress is amazing, good thing you didn't return it! Also jealous of your TOMS, I may have to get another pair in that color

    the lemonade stand

  5. You look so sassy and lovely! I like the way you styled the dress. I totally feel your pain about Maid of Honour dresses--I have two Maid of Honour gigs this summer, and one is for my sister. I've bought two dresses for her wedding and I still don't know if I have the right one! *le sigh

  6. Love the bangs they look super cute on u and I'm totally digging those sunnies as well

  7. this dress is so perfect! and your bangs look so adorable! i love everything in this post ha

  8. I LOVE your sunglasses and cute little house!


  9. It's such a fun dress, I love all your colors! These are really fun photos!

  10. absolutely love this look, the peach and navy is a great combination that I realize I need to try more often!

  11. That is a gorgeous dress. I had no idea you were Kaelah's maid of honour!



  12. Ohhh I love your dress! Happy belated birthday :)


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