The cutest gift in the world.

Kaelah sent me some birthday gifts in the mail and they're so adorably perfect that I had to share them with you! I got two packages, one with a frame and some candles, my very own copy of Design Sponge at Home (!!!) and a few other cute and hilarious things. The second package was this gift- coffee beans, homemade vanilla syrup, and a personalized mug! Isn't it the cutest? She even packed the box with coffee filters (the best detail!). I can't wait to make my first latte with it :)
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  1. so glad you liked it! i can't take full credit for it, i totally saw it on pinterest i think! i'll have to find the link again!

  2. That's so cute! I'm glad Kaelah commented that she saw it on pinterest, because it makes me feel way less guilty for stealing the idea!

    1. heh! please! steal away! i'll try to find the original link to it this weekend so i can give proper credit :) it was a fun project

  3. Cutest package ever!! I love Kaelah's handwriting! It's so girly and neat and perfect.
    The latte pun made me laugh a little too hard at my screen. *blushes*

  4. Awe! Adorable! I need to find somebody to mail a package to now, haha. I love the idea.

    Et tu, tutu?

  5. That is so neat and I love the package decorations..oh and coffee :)

    xo Amber

  6. SO FUN!!! I love coffee, so I can definitely share in your coffee induced happiness. ;)

  7. What a beautiful gift idea! I'm doing up a care package to send to my little sister on the other side of the country just to show her that I care and miss her. xx

  8. Oh, that is such an incredibly sweet and thoughful gift! That Kaelah, she's the cutest! I hope that first latte was delicious :)

    Katie x

  9. This is the sweetest package! I love getting handmade and thoughtful gifts like this. Good friends like that are the best! :)


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