My favorite corner.

So it's not really a corner, but I really like this little area. I've hung some of my favorite embroideries and a little wall art I made, and my collection of afghans is on our spare dining room chair below. (The blanket on the bottom was made by Chris's late grandma Ruth, and it's my favorite). The "unique and irreplaceable" wall art is a snippet of a quote from my favorite book of all time...

"The highest function of love is that it makes the loved one a unique and irreplaceable being."
-Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

I officially have 11 days before Renegade, and last night I took an official count/inventory of my product to see where I'm at and how badly I need to panic. I have more than I thought I did, though I do wish I had a bunch more headbands made just to be on the safe side. I'm pretty pleased though, and it's giving me time to work on some of the extra stuff I wanted to do for the show. I still have a billion and one things to do, including making my displays and signage, sewing and labeling, tagging... I don't even want to type everything else because it's giving me heartburn. It's gonna be awesome, I know, but my goodness! It's a lot of work :) 


  1. This is gorgeous! I really want a collection of blankets like that!


  2. Such a sweet 'corner' ;) we totally have the same taste in paint colors, by the way. at least one area of my house has to be painted a shade of sweet yellow. :)

    xo, samantha

  3. I know the feeling :) l am starting a new Teddy bear thing and I am so behind for the art bazaar, yikes! Really I probably have enough always over estimate what I need. Love your corner! Places like that are so inspiring xoxo

  4. That is such a lovely little corner, I such a big fan of embroaderies at the moment. Hope the work doesn't get you down too much xo

  5. Love the little corner, especially the print! Best wishes on your preparations!


  6. I love how you're displaying your afgans! I need to do that. Good luck with your preparations for Renegade. I'm sure it'll be awesome :)

  7. My computer is having issues displaying this photo, but I have to say I love the book you quoted. Tom Robbins is most excellent!

  8. My computer just does not want to display your photo, but I still wanted to say that I love the book you quoted from! Tom Robbins is most excellent :-)

  9. Ooooh...what a cute lil thrifty corner!! :) Love everything you have stacked there. Good luck finishing everything up for the show!! Toootally been in your shoes. My advice is don't leave your sign for the night before, because it may be flimsy and fall down all day, like mine did. lol.

  10. Cute collection! I want to make a blanket, and your blog is definitely inspiring me to do so.

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  11. Yay, how exciting! Good luck with Renegade! Everyone will adore your stuff, I just know it :]

    ♥ Emily

  12. that's pretty cute. i like little areas like that :) those blankets look cozy!

  13. Love your little corner. Those blankets are gorgeous!
    I so wish I could make it to renegade to see your booth! It must be a very exciting process, I hope you have a great time and sell a lot of your cute accessories. :)
    xo Mandy

  14. the little corner is excellent. my man and I recently just bought our first home together and I have been having the time of my life decorating and re-arranging and buying things for the house man o man i get excited lol.

  15. I adore this little corner of your home!! :) Cute blog too, I'm totally inspired after reading your Renegade post, I can't wait to go to a craft show and farmers markets, next year when I'm ready! From your newest follower!

    xo Felicia



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