Valentine's Love.

I had to share this picture I stumbled across on Pinterest, I absolutely love it. I'm normally not big on Valentine's Day, but this year I'm excited to spend it with Chris because I feel like we have cause to celebrate. We're planning on going out for a nice little dinner, nothing too fancy, but it'll be nice to take a little extra time to recognize that it's pretty awesome we've spent six years together, through thick and thin (especially the thin... or thick... whichever is the harder part, because we just got through some of that!). What are your Valentine's Day plans?

Also, congratulations to JSanalak, you're the winner of the HTC One X+ giveaway! Be on the lookout for my email :)


  1. I'm the same way -- not really big on the whole V-day thing (that sounds wrong, haha) but this year is a bit different. Your not too fancy dinner plans sound swell :)


  2. I'm single and not into V-day. I will be working on more blog post.

  3. I don't think we're going to do anything on Valentine's Day. Usually we just exchange cards and go out to dinner but then again we dine out every week. Congratulations on six years! :)

  4. Those macaroons are so cute. Six years is a long time, that's awesome!
    Me and the boy aren't doing much this year I don't think. Probably cooking dinner together or something.

  5. Mikey & I's 5 year anniversary is just 2 days after Valentines Day and we plan to go to Toronto and spend 2 nights in a hotel to celebrate that so V Day will be pretty low key.

    Congrats on 6 years. It's a good feeling being with someone for so long and someone you know you'll spend the rest of your life with <3

  6. Mmmm, I want those macarons! Congrats on 6 years, that's amazing!


  7. This is so cute! I have yet to try and make macaroons, but it is definitely a baking goal for me! 6 years?! That is amazing... he must be pretty darn great! :)

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