What I Wore Today!

I've fallen in love with this dress. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen that I tweeted about this dress on Monday. Yes, I am an outfit repeater!! In my defense I only work it for an hour or so before work. Monday I wore it with a black cardigan and only one pair of plain black tights, and with my motorcycle boots. Today I went a little more feminine and wore my cotton candy pink cardigan, two pairs of tights, and my go-to flats. I can't believe I got this dress for so cheap at Urban Outfitters! It was totally kismit, too, I walked right up to the sale rack and it jumped right out at me. They only had this one dress, too, and it's a medium (I normally buy large), but it fit! Perfect!! The ruffles go down the back, but it was too chilly to show that off today.

Jacket: Kohls ($25)
Cardigan: Target ($5)
Dress: Urban Outfitters ($20)
Tights: Black- Target ($5),
Pattern- Target ($3)
Flats: Target ($12)

I've been working on custom orders this week so I've been a little behind on my blogging, but I sent my last one off today, so hopefully I can get back into the swing of things! Chris and I have lots of social stuff going on right now too, but I'm really looking forward to it! I'll be back soon to show off some fancy labeling I've been doing lately! Love you billions, little friends!
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  1. This dress is darling. And at $20 I think you should get one in every color they had :)

    PS: I'd love for you to pop by my site and be apart of my first blog giveaway. Im pretty peachy with it. Who doesnt love a little bit of Tea and a little bit of Sparkle?

    Yours Truly


  2. Love that dress! $20 @ UO?
    Must have been a good sale! hehe.

    Busy with your custom orders?
    I got mine in the mail today & I can't wait to wear it! Thanks for your fast shipping ♥ btw.

    have a fantastic day!



  3. coming over from Little Chief honey bees blog to say hello :)

    Love your giveaway! SO awesome.


  4. Super cute outfit! My favorite part would be the dress.


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