Current Obsession: Pale Aqua

I never settle on a favorite color for very long. Ever since I was a little kid I have had trouble deciding what my favorite color is. I usually have different favorite colors for different things, like a favorite color to wear, and one to decorate with, and one for accessories... But the last two years or so I've maintained a fairly constant favorite color: pale aqua. In fact, it's kind of become an obsession, a hunt for all things pale aqua. It's kind of a hard color to come by, so my love for this particular color has sort of morphed into a love for colors ranging from pale aqua to turquiose to mint green. I'm coveting all of these pale aqua/mint green things...

Amazonite plugs from Jimmy Buddha Designs (I actually purchased these with my Christmas money!)

Sea Glass Necklace from Gardenleafdesign (I DIEEEE!)

Polar Bear print from Berkley Illustration (not only is the background the perfect shade of pale aqua, but polar bears are my favorite animal!!!

I honestly wish that everything I owned was this color. I want my whole life to be pale aqua!!

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(did you notice my blog signature just so happens to be aqua?? :P)


  1. oh i happen to adore this color too! especially when paired with red- its the wall color for my daughters room and I just finished a quilt with that as one of the prominent colors!!

  2. I've never been able to settle on a favourite colour either. This one is lovely though, there's definitely something calming about it. Those plugs are beautiful too.

  3. i love those plugs and that fan! sooo pretty! we decorated our living room with a bit of that color (curtains, etc) and i can't wait to accessorize it with a gorgeous vintage accent yellow! i love that combo!

  4. Oh, those plugs are so pretty! It's too bad I can't fit anything in my ears any longer. I always have to stop at the jewelry counter and look anyway, and those are the color that usually catches my eye. I really like the hello sign too...

  5. It's definitely a gorgeous color. It's the main color of my stuff in my dorm room along with brown. I love that box fan so much!

  6. Such a soft pretty color, lovely pictures! :)

  7. Those plugs are so pretty! That's one of my favorite colors too! :)


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