Vintage Scooter Dress
Susannah Vintage
This is yet another eBay find that I'm totally in love with! It's a little mod mini with a red and navy blue heart pattern. So cute! eBay is dangerous, man, I can't stop looking for dresses. It doesn't help that I have the app on my phone, so any time I have a few minutes I check it. I just can't help it! I can find super adorable vintage dresses for under $10, all while I'm in bed watching The Office. Pretty darn cool :) I paired it with mustard yellow tights, a black cardi, and moccasin (slippers) all from Target. Easy peasy!

I'm spending my day whipping up lots of Etsy product, and putting up more Christmas decorations. I'm really not ok with the fact that it's December already, except I am because I love Christmas, but that's the only reason. I know there's snow coming, and I'll enjoy it for a day but then I'll just be miserable and crabby about it. But! December does give me an excuse to buy cinnamon pine cones and make dozens of paper snowflakes, so it's cool :)

Speaking of the new month, I hope you'll check out all the lovely new sponsors over there on the right! I'm thrilled to introduce you to a bunch of lovely new faces, and some lovelies you might have seen before! There's a whole lot of awesome over there, so stop by and say hello!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!
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  1. Eee! I have those moccasins, don't you just love them?
    So cozy!

  2. all things i love: mustard tights, paper snowflakes,being crabby about snow (after loving it when I didn't have to deal with it), and cinnamon pinecones!

  3. That is cute, plus I love the tight too!!

    I've never purchased anything on ebay, that site scares me to death.

  4. wahhhhhhh! i wish we could spend the holidays together!!! missss youuu!

  5. <3 the color of the tights!

  6. So look adorable, so very 60s! It really suits you :)

  7. haven't been around for a while, and i missed your blog! just started blogging again and trying to keep it up this time :) I LOVE that dress! i have ahard time ordering off the internet, nothing ever seems to fit. im so jealous :) lookin forward to catching up!

  8. I love everything about this outfit! I am currently obsessed with my moccasins and yellow tights and love how you styled that vintage dress! You look so cute!


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