Dress: Vintage
Knee-Highs: Target
Shoes: Thrifted (vintage Cole Haan!)

Chris and I have the day off together, which is a complete rarity in these parts. We've been *realllllly* lazy, but I'm totally loving it. I decided to catch up on all the pampering I haven't been doing for a while, like shaving my legs (seriously, it'd been way too long), curling my hair, and painting my toes. I used my curling wand today and I'm feeling a little ridic, but I also feel a little like a mermaid so it's cool.

I got this dress when Kaelah and Mike were visiting. Apparently I can only find vintage dresses in this color family. I own a dozen vintage dresses in various shades of teal, blue, and green... guess I need to branch out! These shoes are really comfortable, but I think they're men's shoes. Oh well!

I'm getting really distracted writing this post because Chris is cooking lunch and it smells so good! I'm starving, so I'm gonna sign off here and chow down. Have a super-awesome-fantastic day dudes!
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  1. I always seem to buy certain colours, I guess you buy what you like. These shades of blue really suit you.

  2. Awh! You look so cute! I tend to buy all floral. Which is really bad, especially if everything else you own is floral. Floral and floral do not match. (Well maybe sometimes, haha)

  3. Love the dress and your crafty nook is so organized! Mine never looks that clean and tidy! haha

  4. That color looks amazing on you... You don't find it... it finds you :)

  5. That dress is really cute and the color is stunning!

  6. I love this color on you! I have so much black in my closet its ridic, I need to branch out!

  7. This dress just look so amazing on you! Your hair looks gorgeous!


  8. I love your little crafty table! :) one day I hope mine is that organised. I think you suit the greeny blue colours - they look gear with your hair & skin :)



  9. Haha you're so cute, I love this dress and those shoes!

    - kindoflovely.com

  10. What an amazing dress!! That color is so beautiful on you.

  11. Hey man, whatever works! That color looks good on ya. And your workspace is super adorable!


  12. Oh, goodness, you look so pretty! I adore this dress!

    Lindsey Soup

  13. hahaha but teal is such a great color!!

  14. The colour of this dress is absolutely gorgeous, I literally adore it. It suits you ever so well too.x


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