What I wore: a Wisconsin Thrift

Dress and belt: Thrifted
Tights and boots: Target

A few days after Christmas I made the not-too-long drive up to a little town outside of Racine, Wisconsin to pick up my niece Isabelle for a day together. She was in town for the holidays from California, and I haven't seen her since my sister's baby shower last July, and I wanted to spend some quality time with her before she packed up for home. We did some shopping, ate lunch, and talked about everything under the sun. I'm only ten years older than her, and even though we live so far apart, we get along so well when we're together that she feels more like a sister than my niece :) 

We ended the day at the local Goodwill (of course!!) and I found this little gem of a dress. I've been digging wearing warm colors lately, more pinks and reds than I normally do. I don't mind wearing bright colors at all, but usually I stick to aquas and blues and greens. But I really love this dress, and it fits well and has pockets, which are the the basic essentials for something to become a staple in my wardrobe :) 

Kaelah and Mike left the other day, and OF COURSE we didn't take any photographs together. Well, one single blurry (but still pretty awesome) polaroid on an old camera of mine that I'll post eventually. And, we didn't film the vlog we wanted to. Maybe we'll Skype each other and answer your questions then! I guess we just get distracted from the 'blog world' when we're around each other... Not totally a bad thing! 

Have a beautiful day, friend!
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  1. I want some tights in a similar color but can never find them!!!!!!!!!

  2. you look beautiful! what a lovely find! I am never successful in thrift/charity shops!x

  3. Such a lovely dress! I was actually shopping at goodwill the other day and got myself a dress, belt,purse and a little present for my sister!

    Marja <3

  4. What an incredible dress/thrift find!!!

  5. Most adorable outfit! Love the mustard tights with this dress.

  6. @amanda: Target has these for $5 a pair, but my first pair ripped before I even put them on :( I recently got another pair of mustard tights from F21, but I'm eventually going to buy some from WeLoveColors. A bit spendy at $12.50 a pair, but SO worth it! Good luck!

  7. That color is beautiful on you! Great outfit :)

  8. LOVEEE!! Love love love the dress, it's beautiful! I definitely love this style of dress to, great find! xx

  9. I think that's a good thing that you were chatting like chimpmunks and loving each other's company SO much that there was no blogging/vlogging/phototaking. A lot of times, the perfect moments are not captured on film because you are too busy ENJOYING them. Right on.


    How strange! I stumbled upon your blog and love it and now I'm extra pleased to see some Wisconsin love! :)


  11. You are too cute! I love your tights!
    I would love if you checked out my blog:


  12. that outfit is very nice! i am wearing those same tights today, aren't they just the perfect colour!
    xx alice.


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