Beauty Review: It sounds weirder than it is...!

I'm sure you've heard an old wives' tale type of beauty remedy at some point in your life, like how if you put a slice of potato on a blemish it'll calm the redness, or the old standby mayonnaise hair mask. I've read these tricks in magazines or heard them from friends or family, but I'm no the type of person who would try them out. I'm pretty picky when it comes to what I put on my face, not that I need designer brands or anything, but my skin is fickle and I like to stick with what I know works. But when I started to see more and more people talking about the two products I've been using, I just had to try it. Here's a little backstory...

A few weeks ago I was poking around on Tumblr, and came across this picture...
A few minutes later, I found a post where a girl talked about using Milk of Magnesia on her face. It was purely coincidence, but it made me really curious, is there really a legion of women out there smearing laxative on their face? Is this really a thing?!
Turns out, it's a thing. Apparently this little secret has been around for a while, and let me tell you, I'm glad I found out! Milk of Magnesia's intended purpose is for use as a laxative. But, it also helps with oily skin and acne. I've been putting a thin layer on about every other night for a few weeks now, and the overall quality of my skin has improved. It's not a miracle worker or anything, but I do like the results. My skin feels less greasy throughout the day, and overall I have less blemishes than I did before I started using it. I use a cotton round to sort of dab it on at night after I wash my face. It's a little chalky and white once it dries, and it makes my face feel tight, but it's not uncomfortable. For around $4 a bottle, I think it's a worthwhile treatment :)

While I was looking into the Milk of Magnesia thing, I found out about people using this chafing gel by Monistat as a primer. Yet another weird use for a weird product!
Apparently the main ingredient in this chafing gel is the same as the main ingredient in a lot of high-end facial primers. The Monistat gel only cost about $6 for a pretty big tube, while primers can be pretty pricey (every one I've looked at is around $30). I will say that I've never used a high-end legitimate primer, so I can't compare using the Monistat gel against a true primer. But I can say that I really do like the Monistat gel. It makes my face feel soft, and it helps hold my makeup on throughout the day. Before I started using this stuff, I would notice that after a few hours my blush would disappear and my eyeliner would smear. Now that I'm using this gel, my makeup stays in place longer. I'm not sure if it works better than a legit primer, but I feel like it does it's job (errr, the job that a bunch of ladies on the internet have created for it!).

So! Those are my two reviews. In the end, I really like using both of these things, and I like that I can spend $10 on both and see pretty good results. If you're interested in trying them out, I'd love to hear how it goes! Also, if you have a similar kind of beauty remedy that you've had good results with, I'd love it if you shared it in the comments!!

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  1. Oh my lawd...so great. I may have to try this :)

  2. I make my own pore strips.
    it's just 2 tbs milk & 1 packet of flavorless gelatin. You microwave it for 10ish seconds, slather it on your nose (or where ever you want) let it sit until you can't move your face anymore, and peel it off. It works like a charm & costs about $2.

  3. My grandma has used Milk of Magnesia (an Oil of Olay like it's going out of style) as long as I can remember, so I'm sure she's been doing it most of her life. Her face has always been soft and silky feeling. Now with your review, I'm tempted. Thanks for the reviews! d^_^b

  4. I've always wanted to use a primer but never wanted to dish out such big bucks for it! Thanks for this tip!

  5. Such convenient and cost efficient tips! I'm honestly going to try these out. Gotta make a Target run tomorrow anyway. Thanks!

    <3, Corinne

  6. Wow, this is very interesting...i might have to try this ;P

  7. i love secret weird beauty tips...

    mine is that i wash my face with OIL! which is nuts... and i do a honey+cinnamon scrub... and use baby powder to keep the hair greasies at bay.

  8. I think I'm going to have to try that gel as a primer, I've wanted to try primer, but you're right it's so expensive... I am now intrigued. Same with the milk of magnesia, it's worth a shot (my skin has been quite problematic lately)...

    My one weird thing I do is put toothpaste on big nasty zits when they pop up. I just dab it on and leave it on for a while, and it dries it right out.

  9. Huh...who woulda thunk it? Haha...now I just need to gain the courage to not be embarassed to buy monistat gel lol

  10. What! This is crazypants! But with my super dry skin I am kinda considering trying the monistat primer... You should totally make this a regular blog feature!

  11. My face started flaking around the bridge of the nose and eyebrows. Hubbs has had patches on his face that were similar and said he noticed that after I changed our shampoo to the Head and Shoulders in the dark blue bottle (a slightly different formula) it got better! Now, HE lets the suds run down all over his face, I can't deal with that, so I take a nice soft art brush and "paint" the areas I need to on my face with the full strength shampoo. I let it sit just a minute or so and then wash it off. It works! (I even went out a splurged on a nice new paintbrush to use exclusively after I found that it worked!)

  12. I loved reading this!
    I discovered Sudocrem (Usually used as a cream for nappy/diaper rash) works on acne! I have had awful acne for around 7 years and have used pro-activ etc which worked slightly on my skin but Sudocrem has completely changed my skin and is only £7 per large pot instead of £39.99 for pro-activ which doesnt really work for me.


  13. I never heard about the Milk of Magnesia but I HAVE tried using Monistat as a primer and it works fantastically! Be cautious about what types of chemicals are going on your skin, especially your face, but I know that it does indeed work and it's got a great, non-melting effect on your makeup!

  14. i love alternative uses for things. this is really crazy, but with the internet, it's amazing that companies haven't rebranded these products a bit.

    this is really quite crazy, but awesome to know

  15. I use toothpaste for big zits and vaseline for dry spots or dry lips etc. Also, I've heard eggs are really good for your hair haha

  16. I have used milk of magnesia under my foundation for a couple years and it is amazing... I've just never told anyone because it sounds so weird!


  17. Wow, I might have to try out the milk of magnesia thing! I might be hesitant to buy it though haha...or rather, embarrassed.

  18. interesting...it reminds me of the preparation h for wrinkles (which i have never tried).


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