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The other day Kaelah tagged me in this little meme that's been going around! I got really excited because I feel like I'm never tagged for anything, but then the lovely Amanda (one of my lovely new sponsors!) reminded me that she tagged me for this exact thing last month and I spaced on it! So, I'll do some of each in response :)

There are five rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.

11 Things...

1. I've been the youngest, oldest, and an only child in my household. I grew up with two older half sisters, then my parents divorced and it was just me and my dad, then he remarried and had two more kids.

2. I have three freckles on my throat that make a nearly perfect triangle.

3. When I was a kid I said "washclosh" instead of washcloth. No one told me I was saying it wrong until fifth grade.

4. I drive a yellow stick shift VW Bug.

5. I refuse to eat most condiments. I like ketchup (to dip fries and grilled cheese in!), but pretty much everything else makes my stomach turn.

6. I have to sleep on my stomach, with my right arm under the pillow, facing the outside edge. I also have to sleep on the left side of the bed.

7. My middle name is Bean. It's a family name, and after my great grandfather passed, I'm the only one left with it. His name was Roscoe Diamond Bean. (I was always bummed as a kid that I didn't get Diamond, but now I wouldn't trade Bean for anything!).

8. I was the president of my college's knitting club. Though I wasn't a very good president. I'm not very responsible.

9. Chris and I went to high school together, but we didn't meet until he'd already graduated. I remember almost every detail of the day we met, down to what we were wearing. I have a really horrible memory, so it's pretty cool that I remember so much from that day.

10. I love Disneyland more than any other place in the world.

11. I've been trying to think of an 11th thing for about half an hour... Um, how about... I secretly want to be a platinum blonde :)

Here are the questions Kaelah asked me...

1. Do you believe in astrology? Why or why not?
I do to a certain extent. I'm a Gemini, and all the typical Gemini traits are very true to my personality. Mostly the stuff about being indecisive. 

2. If you could teleport to any time and place, where would you go and why?
Ooh, tough one. I was a history major in college, so I have lots of eras I'd love to witness. I think I'd love to go back to the 1960s. Or the 1920s... 

3. What are the three closest items to you right now?
I'm in bed, so my ugly yellow blanket that I love, Chris is sleeping next to me, and Jeans is sleeping by my feet. 

4. If you had a spirit animal, what would it be?
I think it'd be a deer, but it could also be a crow (since that's my last name and all). 

5. What is your earliest childhood memory?
Like I said before, I really have trouble remembering stuff, so the earliest thing I can come up with right now is when I was 4 or so, I had these little white sandals with a metal buckle, and I'd left them outside in my turtle sandbox overnight. They got wet and the buckle rusted, and I was upset about it. 

6. Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?
I would hope that in 5 years, I'm married to Chris, and we maybe have a little one or are getting ready for one. I hope we have really great stable jobs that we love. And in our own house.
7. Have you kept in touch with your childhood best friend(s)?
I haven't. I've never really kept a best friend for very long (until Kaelah, that is!). I don't know what it is, but people tend to not stick around for very long. Plus, when I was in middle school and high school, my personality and style changed so much as I learned more about myself that I flaked on people pretty frequently.
8. If you had to describe yourself in 5 words, what would they be?
Hmm. I would say... Loyal, emotional, realistic, sarcastic, loving.
9. Describe your idea of a perfect day: Where would you go, what would you do, who would you do it with?
My perfect day would be at Disneyland with Chris, when it wasn't too hot and there weren't long lines.
My perfect day that's closer to real life would be: Chris and I wake up early but we aren't cranky about it, make coffee, eat a little breakfast. I get ready and feel fabulous in the first outfit I put on, and my hair does everything right. We go thrifting and Chris doesn't complain, and I find a bunch of perfect vintage dresses and they're all the right color tag for the discount. We go get sushi at our favorite place, and they have tons of my favorite plate out on the conveyor belt (because I only eat one kind, ebi nigiri) so I don't have to embarrass myself by ordering like 8 plates... We go home, I get to make a bunch of stuff that I like, we watch tv shows (my choice!), stay up past midnight and bake cookies in the middle of the night. 
10. What kind of "weird" foods do you like? (They could just be weird to your friends/family, kind of like my pickle sickles!)
None. I don't do weird foods of any sort. The fact that the words 'pickle sickles' are on my blog right now (and that I had to type them) is really making me uncomfortable. Though, you'd probably all think my eating habits are weird because I like things really plain. 
11. Do you collect anything? If so, what?
Lots! Old photos of strangers, vintage scarves, mugs... I'd like to collect vintage globes and paint by numbers, but right now I only have one of each.

And here are the questions Amanda asked me!

1. How did you end up living where you do now?
Chris and I were living together in Normal, Illinois a few years back. That's where I went to college, and where he finished up. We stayed for a year after we graduated, and then decided to move back to the area we grew up. Chris's dad was renting the house we're currently in while he added on to his house (which is right down the street), and when we visited over the holidays we got a chance to check it out. We really liked it, and it was easy to move into because his dad and stepmom were giving us a bunch of furniture, so they could just leave it here. We really like this house, but it does have an attached studio apartment that our landlord's friend lives in, which is a downside. We're looking into finding another place soon, but we aren't under pressure or anything.

2. How did you come up with the name for your blog/site?
It's my name, pretty simple :)

3. What’s a hobby or talent that you have that most people would be surprised to learn?
I can make a clover with my tongue... ha!

4. Your favorite baked good:
Hmm. All of them. I really don't think I could choose. Top three are... raspberry cheese danish, oatmeal raisin cookies (ooh, or maybe peanut butter?), and brownies. 

5. Your favorite place to shop for clothes:
Goodwill! And eBay. And Target. 

6. Tell us one embarrassing fact/habit about yourself:
I don't shave my legs for a really long time. But I don't get stubbly, my leg hair is really fine and light... But it's still pretty gross. 

7. Best gift you’ve ever gotten:
My new camera!!!!!!!

8. If you could go to any museum or historical monument in the world, where would you go?
Oh gosh. Gettysburg is pretty high up there... I went to Italy when I was 10 and was too young to really appreciate it, so I'd love to go back there. 

9. Name 5 things in your immediate vicinity. Be specific:
I'm writing this the night after I answered Kaelah's questions, and now I'm on the couch watching TV, so... There's yarn to my left (making a new headband!), a WiiMote, my iPhone, a box of Town House Flipsides crackers, and a yellow pillow.

10. What is your favorite song at the moment?
Probably... Fatty Boom Boom by Die Antwoord. I'm realllllly digging that album, and I'm a little embarrassed. 

11. Your top goal for 2012:
I'd love to get a new job next fall. Some kind of office-y thing would be fine :)
Here are my 11 questions!
1. Who's your celebrity crush?
2. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
3. What's your favorite flower?
4. If you could only drink one thing for the rest of your life besides water, what would it be?
5. Do you believe in ghosts?
6. What's your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant?
7. What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
8. What's your favorite thing to wear from your closet?
9. If you could wake up tomorrow with the knowledge and ability to do something that you can't do now, what would it be?
10. What's your favorite song of all time?
11. What's an annoying habit or quirk of yours that people probably don't know about?
I'm going to tag... everyone! Ok so I know that's technically cheating, but I get anxious when I have to single people out. It makes me uncomfortable! I don't wanna *not* pick anyone, I was always the kid picked last for dodgeball so I know the feeling :) If you do this little survey deal, please leave me a link in the comments! Or if you've already done it with someone else's questions, leave me a link too! 
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  1. I have to sleep the exact same way! Facing the outside...on the left with my arn under the pillow. Sometimes I wake up with a sore shoulder but whatever

  2. i love how you tagged everyone. cute ^_^

    that's cool that you were the president of your college's knitting club! i tried to find ours, but it either didn't exist or was a huge secret society i wasn't cool enough to be in.

    gettysburg is right near me ^_^ i've still never gone even though its about an hour away. i've driven by it, just not stopped.

    and i love disneyland too - i used to go as a kid with my sister and her husband!

  3. I love these!! :) what a cool middle name!!

  4. I'm absolutely awful at doing these things, but I did attempt to do my own...check it out if you want.

  5. I don't do condiments either! Ketchup is the exception. Heaven help us if there's MAYO on something. Ick.

    And I did not realize that Bean was actually part of your name! Nifty.

  6. thanks! and yes texting is my preferred method as well...i wonder what the says about us lol

  7. I posted my answers here:

    x, C

  8. Aww, I love these answers! I wish I had an awesome middle name; mine is so comparatively boring >.< And I am unbelievably jealous of your Bug: it's my perfect car! I answered your questions here :) http://tumbleweedtwine.blogspot.com/2012/03/eleven-things.html ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  9. I'm so happy you tagged everyone - I was feeling a little bit left out!

    Here's mine! http://seductivemania.blogspot.com/2012/03/11-things.html

    P.S. you can order pizza online now from most chains, some in Canada even have iPhone apps (;

    xo Becky

  10. I love that you tagged everyone... it keeps people from feeling left out!!! I answered your questions, hope you'll stop by and see some of the wacky answers that you inspired.


  11. I sleep EXACTLY like that. To a TEE. And I can NOT sleep if those conditions are not available to me.

  12. what a small world - i've been in the bloomington/normal area for a couple of years now (not for school...how i ended up here is a whole other story!).

    i love your middle name! it's adorable!

  13. I couldn't resist!

  14. These lists are great, I might have to do these. Washclosh, how cute! I hate condiments myself, especially mayo, I could puke just thinking about it. My experience has been similar with friends, lots of changes and people going in and out of my life. I too have changed a lot so that could be a factor. I love Brownies and Target is the bestest.


  15. :)

  16. I did this as well!

    Writing new questions was harder than I expected.


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