Minty winter.

Dress: Vintage (from Tip Top Atomic Shop Vintage in Milwaukee
Turban: Thrifted vintage scarf
Belt: Thrifted (originally from Target)
Lipstick: Revlon Super Lusturous in Rosewine

I got a remote for my new camera a few days ago and I seriously couldn't wait to put it to use. Having a remote and tripod for my dslr is amazing, I can take my own photos without having to bug Chris, and I'm much more comfortable taking photos alone than with an audience (even if it is just Chris). Also, SHOCKING, I'm wearing another minty green-aquamarine dress! I think 50% of my closet is some form of this color. Oh well, if it ain't broke... :)

Today is such a gorgeous day, it's still chilly but the snow is starting to melt and the sun is out in full force. The fullest of forces, it was painfully bright when I was taking these pics! I'm spending most of this beautiful day inside, though, since Chris is at work and I need to do a bunch of stuff around the house. Plus, I have so much stuff to crochet, something exciting has just come up and I should really start getting ready! [I'll share more when I know more, it's a verrrrrry new idea!]. My nephew Emerson is six months old as of yesterday, and my sister has plans to have a little photoshoot for him. I'm making some sweet little bowties and a crocheted hat for him to wear, and I'm almost done, they just need finishing touches! Plus, I have some cute stuff to list in the shop today, I'll post an update when that happens (and you'll really wanna check it out, it's unBEARably cute!). 

Have a fantastic wonderful super rad day, dudes!
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  1. Ohh! What gorgeous hair you have! Jealous!!!


  2. You look gorgeous! That dress is beautiful, I love the pattern.

    Catherine, XO.

  3. You are so adorbs!! And that dress is my FAVE color ever!! Super cute!!

    Love from NJ!
    xo Jenny Holiday

  4. The Snow looks so pretty,
    as does the dress!

    Enjoy your day!

    RAchel xoxo

  5. You look precious! I love that dress! How crazy is this, you have snow and i'ts 70+ here!
    Hope you're having a wonderful Monday! :)

  6. That headband makes you look retro :) I'm sure your nephew is going to look OH SO ADORABLE with your crochet bowtie and hat in those photos!!

  7. I just got a remote for my DSLR and I freakin' LOVE it!!! Yayy!!!

  8. I love that dress!!! Having half a closet of mint clothes is nothing to be ashamed of. =)

  9. Love love that dress! The color is perfect. That remote sounds like a thing I need in my life.


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