A Baby Beach Day.

On Monday my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew visited our new house for the first time. We spent a little time at the beach and I snapped some adorable photos of Emerson enjoying the water :)
Emerson's hair is getting so curly! Cute cute cute. He had fun trying to eat rocks and splashing in the water, but it was super hot out so we didn't last long at the beach. We came back to our house and he busied himself with banging on the table and trying to catch the cat. Babies are hilarious :)

Today Chris and I rand LOTS of errands, and spent too much money buying birthday presents for family (lots of late July and August birthdays in our lives!). I also stocked up on more awesome stuff from LUSH, which I can't wait to test run and fill you in on. We're spending the night lounging on the couch and I'm pretty damn excited about it. We haven't had a quiet night in together for quite some time!
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  1. you guys looked like you had a great time! I'm so jealous you got to spend time on the beach while I spent my time in an office!

  2. Awwmahgawd! Super adorable photos, brought a smile right quick to my face.

  3. I love curly baby hairs! My son had such curly, curly hair- before we got it all chopped off. =)

  4. ohhhh this baby is so cute <3 I'm glad you enjoyed this <3

  5. Oh my god, how much does Emerson look like your sister?! Crazy. I remember you announcing he was born - how did he get so biiiig?!


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